The Adventures of Phazaric the Thayan

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Well, I decided to retire him. My first PC on CoA, I decided to play a character that would garner the attention of an entire server and establish my reputation as a player who revels in Conflict and Story telling, so I decided to play a fat, greedy thayan, whose Barbarian Rage was driven by his lust for gold and Avarice.

    Screenshots (few as they may be) tell his life as a thug, pig, and generally unpleasant asshole.

    The first of many such discussions, Phazaric went out of his way to disgust the elves in the Mage Guild in order to annoy them to no end. Why? Because he thought it was funny.

    Sometimes, the Dms were just out to troll me.

    Sometimes, they were dead cold serious.

    He sometimes may bad decisions which brought about the wrath of the gods. Destroying shrines do that.

    Rolling with my homies out in the wilds.

    That's all folks. I'll let you know what's coming next soon. 😉

  • Gentle-bashing aside, I did love the greedy asshole. 😃

  • I had much fun with him too, its a shame my character could never work together with him in the boar hunting, and stuff.

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