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    Your character name, Account Name, time of the bug, area of the bug, and the nature of the bug should be listed in EVERY bug report. Even the most irrelevant detail can help the DMs solve it.

    "My character has a red skin tone! I had him beige when I created him!" Is not an appropriate bug report.

    This is, "My character Lucious Maxwell logged in today at 8:30 PM EST inside the Wild goose Inn on Thursday 7/12/12 and was glowing bright red, his eyes shone with demonic fire and while this is AMAZINGLY WTF cool, it is not productive as my PC does not have glowy red eyes or bright red skin. His skin was a pasty white. My account name is RandomXXXX and I would appreciate if a DM could assist me in this endeavor. Thank you."

    Details matter.

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