Build help required! (Oriental warrior)

  • I'm not a powerbuilder. My optimizing skills are fairly weak. It wasn't a big deal on other servers (i played on rp servers) but Arabel seems to be more action oriented and i've found my characters lacking and unable to consistently survive even low-level stat-quests. More so after the new AI was implemented as every encounter is now challenging for powerbuilds (which means deadly for not optimized builds)
    I'm currently remaking my Shou character who is supposed to be an oriental-style master of arms. I thought a monk/fighter would be a good idea. No armour, a sword in one hand, catching arrows with his free left hand, tumbling and evading spells like a pro.. But in reality i found this character unplayable, he just wouldn't survive a tough melee. And if i had to run back or stay in the rear every battle - what's the point of pretending to be an exceptional warrior?
    So i humbly ask you guys to help me build this character in such a way that will both preserve flavor and drastically boost survivability.

  • Do you use IRC? I'm happy to help in there. The new AI is designed to be less than completely stupid as the standard AI was, you now need to use consumables wisely, and work as a team playing to everyones strengths and covering each others weaknesses. It's not so much about builds, honestly, more about skill and tactics. That aside, i'm happy to help you with some basic survival tactics, but you could consider finding a character in game to teach yours as well, it might be fun learning.

    It's very much a role playing server. But yes, we roleplay adventurers, who tend to have a life full of action.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Find me on IRC. Discussing builds on the forums is far to time consuming. :S

  • Yavamaya is pro in mechanics too, and he is usualy ready to help on IRC.

    Now, about needing to be powerbuilt to play this server, I disagreed. I never played a powerbuild here, and I never had problems, specialy in scripted quests, and from my short pvp experience I think its more about preparation (potions, etc) than builds.

    Also, there -are- some impracticable builds that unfortunatly won't work, and there are also gaps in NWN mechanics, specialy to dexterity based melees, because PnP had more features and classes. I think you should avoid these builds too, because sometimes they will just kill the fun, but that doesn't mean you have to do a powerbuild character to work on the quests.

  • Most of my fighters have been low AC based Dex fighters. You cannot go toe to toe very often with an Elite Champion Orc King Wallah, but, if you play wisely, you have no problem surviving. Flanking is something that does not seem to be used ver often, and I have watched, time and time again, light weight fighters go down because the player tried to be a full plate, tower shield toting, buffed Bastard Sword wielding tank.

    Play a light fighter, but make sure you play The Light Fighter role, and not the Tank role.

  • To reiterate what's been said above, it's all about the tactics. I will be happy to help you out with that in-game, as my current character is rather sensible.

  • If you ever require assistance with designing a build, feel free to send me a PM or talk to me on IRC.

    If you've never used IRC before, the simplest way is to go here -
    Type in whatever username you want. The channel you'll want to join is #CoA. I'm regularly on there as Neolithic.

    As for initial assistance, I can tell you that a Dexterity-based fighter -can- accomplish the tank role IF they build the character correctly. Then again, you may find yourself wanting to maintain a flanking position (which, as Abby said, a lot of people don't do. This is really frustrating, because using this tactic saves lives and consumables!). As for survivability, a Light-Armored Fighter is actually incredibly helpful in this regard. You don't have to save up thousands for full-plate, and +1 large shields are easy to come by.

    Your idea for a monk/fighter is totally viable, but not with a blade. Monk/Fighters are absurdly strong and can get ridiculous attack bonuses, but the key with any pure monk or monk multiclass is USE CONSUMABLES. Really. You only need about, what, 3,000 gold in all of your initial investments, and the rest is just potion chugging.

    Anyway. Shoot me a message if you want anymore help.

  • There are a few bad assumptions about this build and monk builds in general floating around

    First, Monks do NOT need to be dexterity based to be effective. Yes, Dexterity is important for their AC, and yes, Monks need a decent dex, wis, and con score to survive in the front lines, but that doesn't exclude a monk from having str as its main stat. The difference between a Str based and dex based monk is really only about 1-2 ac and maybe 1 ab due to needing high scores in more stats, but it also mans you don't need to burn a feat early on weapon finesse and you'll have better damage.

    Second, Monks do NOT need to fight unarmed. Unarmed strikes (and kamas for dual wielding builds) are mechanically ideal for most CoA monks due to the monk unarmed attack progression, flurry of blows, and stunning fist, but weapon based monks can certainly hold their own with increased critical hit ranges, possible larger damage die, and the ability to be buffed with keen edge, magic weapon, or flame weapon (though kamas can be buffed as well). A monk using a two-handed weapon or dual wielding is mechanically better than a one-handed weapon like a longsword, but those lose access to deflect arrows, which is nice to have and goes against direfish's concept. The longsword wielding monk has some cool-factor in combat as well, so I like it.

    Now, the longsword monk is going to be hard to execute, but it can be done. It probably won't be the best meleer around, but it can be viable with smart play to take advantage of the strengths of being a monk. Base stats are going to be pretty inflexible, if you are a human you'll probably want ~14 str for ab and damage, ~14 dex for ac, ~14 con to compensate for the smaller hit die, and ~14 wis for ac (all not strictly required, just good starting points). That doesn't leave you with a lot of points to divide up between int and cha, but that is the price you have to pay. Say you take a 14 in all those stats, take str on your level-ups, take full tumble ranks and split your levels evenly between monk and fighter (just for the sake of argument). At level 8 you should have 20 ac with +1 gear, which sucks, but this is where consumables come in play. You can get another +3 from mage armor, +2 from cat's grace, and +2 from owl's wisdom potions, all of which a typical fighter can't get ac from. That brings you up 27 ac. After that, shield and barkskin potions can bring you up to 32 ac, which is now quite good and almost identical to a typical potion-buffed fullplate and tower shield fighter. A dispel will ruin you, and all those potions are going to be expensive, but it works mechanically. AB-wise, you are looking at ~13-14 ab at level 8 with a +1 weapon and a bull's strength potion, which isn't quite as high as a level 8 pure fighter, but it is close.

    Really, the strategy listed above with regard to consumables applies to all monks and is as much of an IC combat strategy as an OOC combat strategy.

  • Similar build to my Wyvern really, especially in regards to defence issues.

    Mage armour is your friend! Get friendly with a wizard who knows your needs, and you have a far easier time. There also a npc in game who cast a long lasting mage for a surprising low price. Should least help you reach level 6.

    Also carry potions, especially the longer lasting barkskins, better to be broke than dead 😣 Through I find the amount of gp saved on healing more than makes up for it half the time!

  • One thing to note, if you're going the flanking role, is try to invest some points into tumble. As a flanking melee character, you will unfortunatley find yourself being targeted by enemies alot, and the hit and run tactic is something you will need to practise, in order to stay alive.

  • or if you have enough feats dodge, mobility, spring attack remove all the AOO that you might create

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