Erih searches for recent records regarding "Sharns"

  • Entering the library with the usual dust and papers circling around her, Erih searches the archives with two topics in mind.
    First she focuses on the Sharns, knowing that the information written regarding them is very valuable, she does not expect anything to be found.
    Due to Sharns relation to Miyeritar, Erih also searches for any book with any relation or even the slightest hint towards the ancient elven kingdom.
    After long hours of search, Erih curls up in a corner with several books. These she reads in hope that they may give her an insight of a few questions she has.

    Has there been any recent activity of Sharns recorded or mentioned in Arabel?

    Is there any known tomes regarding the rituals of Sharns, or even how the ritual is done?

    Would there be any mention of an area in the Anauroch where Sharns been recently seen?

    Has there ever been any ascendants or other relations to Miyeritar present in Arabel?

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