Ranger abilities scaling

  • So i've learned that Arabel has a score of unique features available to rangers, from tracking to cartography. Do they scale with level? Like the more ranger levels you take, the better you are at tracking, etc.? Do perception skills somehow influence these abilities too?

  • Scales with ranger levels.

    Abilities that make sense for tracking affect it in various ways.

  • Cartography, as far as I am aware does not involve any rolls or checks. One level in Ranger is all you need.

    Tracking on the other hand, revolves around many different skills, and yes, Ranger level as well.

    I believe the relevant skills are, spot/search in order to find a track. (different "ask a dm" threads throw up one or the other and sometimes both as answers, I seem to recall when it was first implemented spot was not a factor, but it may have since been added. The most prevalent response is that both skills are a factor. So odds are both are involved.)

    Also important are Animal Empathy and Lore in order to identify the track.

    Tracking rolls are countered by the opponents Move Silently score. I believe if they are actively in stealth it increases the difficulty. I do not recall the mechanics of this ever being made public beyond "more MS means you are harder to track."

  • I think you can make maps with any character now too.

  • the ranger belt in game gives you bonuses to lore, ae, search, and spot i think. take your queue from that.

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