Blazing Lance

  • Level 2 Lumomancer spell Blazing Lance

    This spell summons a "lance". Is this a lance in terms of a single shot out lance that lasts until it's used and deals damage, or is it a stationary weapon.(I assume the later since it has a 1 minute/level duration.) And if so, what is it exactly? Just wanted clarification.

    Edit: Do all Lumomancer's spells stack with eachother, do they only stack with Illumination spells, or do illumination spells only stack with eachother? I've only ever seen one Lumomancer in game, and only a cantrip cast by them. 😣

  • It forms a spear weapon that you hold in your hand.

    Lumo spells should stack with each other, especially the Illuminations. That's their point.

  • Make a lumomancer and try it?

  • @Zool:

    Make a lumomancer and try it?

    Are you really going to make me play CoA until I become a 4th level throw away sorcerer, just so I can see what happens when I use a single spell, then go back and actually start playing my real concept? T_T

    Edit: I get the feeling that if I did do this, and actually summoned the "lance" there wouldn't be anything for my to actually examine and tell me the exact weapon/type. >_>

  • Come on, it'll take 40 minutes if someone helps you.

  • @Jasede:

    Come on, it'll take 40 minutes if someone helps you.

  • Far as I'm aware, its a spear.

  • Perhaps me thinks it should summon celestial mount and actual lance? Maybe? Oh, okay.
    Thanks for the help everyone. x3

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