Just thanking the community, and a msg to my fellows noobs

  • Hey, this is my second experience in CoA (first one was in 2010, and played for some months), and its been way different from my first one.

    The first time i played, I just felt like outside everything, spend most of my time trying to make scripted quests, and at one point all my characters got boring, and I deleted them.

    This time, so far, it beeing a bit different, and though the things didnt work quite the way I figured it would be, i'm having lots of fun, and specialy, i'm having a good amount of attention from the other players and the DM team when I need them, and its great, for I still consider myself to be a great noob here.

    Everytime i hear a sending to do a scripted quest, and someone calls me to do anything else, even if its just for talking, i'm choosing the last one, and that may be the main change from the first time I'm playing. I'm just taking my time on gold and lvl issues, and i reckon i'm asking things to DMs and players way more than i used to (even annoying some of them, occasionaly :X)

    Not gonna talk about the great characters I met so far here, cause they are too many, and its not the point here. The point is to say thanks to the community and the DM team, and also, to leave a message to newbies like me and people who just arrived at CoA:

    Here its what I can say with my personal experience. Just take your time, make a character with things you enjoy (maybe put something about you, or something you would like to be on it), dont worry only about plots at first, cause you can get frustated if it doesnt work, and also, you can participate on the other plots around the server (and there are many), and move to plots when you feel ready. BG's famous quote also applies forever:

    "Lose, win, don't mean shit. You think you're gonna tell your grandchildren that you were this super awesome blackguard/assassin who crushed everyone who stood against him for 3 months? You think they'd give a shit?"

    And thats it.

    Thank you all. 😃

    P.S. My sense of humor (OOCly) is very poor 😞 but dont u people mind too much. All my drunken friends find me funny enough.

  • Thank you Giba – the realm is built and maintained by the great community we have, and I wouldn't have constantly come back to DM ( for almost 7 years!) without it!

  • Really nice to hear your having fun here.


  • Welcome to CoA 🙂

  • @Zool:

    Really nice to hear your having fun here.

    Zool. Organized_Chaos

  • Gonna piggy-back on this and say I've also been having a lot more fun on the server in the past two weeks than I have in a while, and thats mostly due to some really great RP from the whole community. So thanks from me as well!

  • Heya Giba,

    I share the same felling. I~m not sure if I have changed or the server has changed or both, but I was away from arabel about one year and I returned few months ago. I can say that Im having MUCH MORE fun than before. About the quests I like very much to play scripted quests because you can RP and have some action, but it doesnt mean that I dont like to have some long conversations or just to find something else to do (like explore haunted halls or some different areas).

    I believe we need to find a balance (glances at the druids around) - we can have conversations, scripted quests, non-scripted quests, explorations, some pvp …

    I can also say that nowadays I never know what is going to happen in the next day. Everything is always changing ... and changing a lot !!

    I thank the DMs for their hard work and good job also thank other players for the interactions and fun.

    current char Magali

  • And I think you're also Brazilian, arent you? Eeeaeeeeee!! 🙂

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Welcome aboard!….again.

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