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  • Can someone PM please i need some help with making a monk character for the game..

    Just stuff pertaining to their playstyle and such.

  • playstyles can vary for monks, you can draw from the shaolin like from the tv series kungfu, or the quiet contemplations of the tibetan monks. Then again you could read all the listings of those orders that exist in faerun, and see how you fit into those parameters.

    But no matter which you choose, just always have fun with it

  • I think for the clarity of the playerbase, too, I'll post this here.

    This link will take you to the Class Restrictions page on the City of Arabel Wiki, which has not only a list of all avaiable Monk orders that you can be a part of (without even applying, I believe!) -and- a description for quite a few of them. Read over them and decide on which one you want.

    Some Monk Orders moreso than others will be more readily accommodated. For example, I can tell you the Orders of the Shining Hand, Dark Moon, Iron Fist, and Runeclaws get more loving as far as previously available loot. And, as much as I hate this stupid phrase, the reasons why they are loved on is FOIG (Find Out In Game).

    Feel free to send a PM or post here if you need additional advice.

  • Not sure what you mean by play style, we talking the rp angle or using them mechanically?

    Rp wise there all about learning and becoming one with concepts and idea's.So while your monk might be a Tormite, he won't be so interested in Torm, but might very well be highly interested in the Truth or being Incorruptible. Torm just happens to be a exemplar of these virtues and worthy of respect. I also found writing a 10 line code of conduct or something similar is helpful, as help make your monks philosophy more solid and defined.

    Also while were on the subject, there absolutely nothing stopping you base your monk around a bunch of ideas that's either mutidivine or not covered by a deity much, since your powers don't come from your deity,they come from within! 😉

    Mechanical with COA magic level, it best to treat them likes rogues mostly, hanging around the sides and attacking monsters in the flank. Through with the right buffs they can get rather nasty!

  • Thanks for your replys, this is exactly what I was wanting to know. I made one to play around and see how i might use him. And now with new information i might be able to make a permanent one that might be exciting for me a other players. Thanks peoples.

  • @Neolithic:

    Some Monk Orders moreso than others will be more readily accommodated. For example, I can tell you the Orders of the Shining Hand, Dark Moon, Iron Fist, and Runeclaws get more loving as far as previously available loot. And, as much as I hate this stupid phrase, the reasons why they are loved on is FOIG (Find Out In Game).

    are these orders active in the city?

  • FOIG, as Neo suggests.

  • Monk Orders are terrible; ignore them and do your own thing.

  • Jasede does bring up a legitimate point - You can always have a monk that adheres to his own personal regiment and conceptualizations. For example, while Monks of the Long Death meditate and explore the idea of death, you can have a monk that focuses on the many different facets of death: grief, loss, death through battle, old age, etc.

    I will leave this kind warning, though. Monks, much like paladins, are -very- difficult to roleplay.

    …Which is why you're seeking advice on the forum, I guess. 😃

  • I'd give a more useful reply but I don't know what OP really wants to hear, RP or mechanical? They're one and the same but it's often useful to discuss them separately.

    The D&D standard Monk orders are really bland and boring. There are no shades of grey to them. My take? You'd do well to consider a monk a zealot of a faith, idea or discipline. For example your Monk could be a zealot of Bhaal, considering himself the enforcer of his decrees. Or your Monk could be inspired by the earth and strive to become one with it, fighting in a tough and defensive style, exploring the mountains and the rocky areas, and so on. Monks are hard to define because the way they are technically defined in D&D doesn't really fit most settings, so you sort of have to make it up yourself. Try to find an idea, and ideal that really interests you and that your character strives to embody. Your Monk isn't just , for example, a nature-defender kind of guy- no, he IS nature: he sleeps in the wild, he eats and survives on the wild, he destroys those who threaten anything that conflict with his goals, which could be something like "Learn the fighting styles of all the animals" or "Survive with no weapons and armor against any animal" or "Become a trusted defender of the druids.". I don't know, I am not a creative type.

    I'm afraid, like Paladins and Clerics, they are incredibly difficult to roleplay well! Find some comfort, at least, in knowing you are perhaps the single best class in a PvP, except when it comes to ganking from invisibility, where Wizards have you beat (but you can beat Wizards).

    /forum/ ... 0d94b3b022

    ^ may help

  • I'd like to hear mechanical advice from Jasede, too, actually.

  • @Neolithic:

    I'd like to hear mechanical advice from Jasede, too, actually.

    I know a few things too!

    Monks are a funny class in that its power growth is more dramatic than most warrior classes, with ac and damage being low early on but catching up in the higher levels. They also get way more dangrous when buffed.

    For example…

    A level 1 monk with a dex and wisdom of 14 is ac 14
    A level 1 fighter with a dex of 12 in half plate with a with a greatsword is ac 18


    The same monk at 8 with +1 ring and amelet and +2 dex is now ac 21
    The same fighter with simlar kit upgrades (including + 1 full plate and fighter bonus) is ac 23

    See how the gap is so much smaller?

    However the monk can get extra ac the fighter can't, in the form of mage armour (+3 over a plus 1 robe) cats grace and owls wisdom spells (typicaly 1-2 point of ac each, through empowered versions can get better)

    So that that turns the monk above ac to 26-28, incadently the fighter above ac could be 27 if he had a + 1 tower shield equiped, but I thought I ignore shield ac for the above examples becuse how monks are "armed".

    Monk unarmed damage starts at d6 and is d10 by level 8, there furry of blow gives them a bonus attack in exchange for -2 to hit. Making a monk similar to a two weapon fighter in style, through the rising unarmed damage and the fact they get full str bonus on there off hand attacks count in there favor.

    However unlike a fighter, they can't just switch to a more defencive style by pulling out a shield , there effectly stuck in two weapon mode all the time, which is something to keep in mind.

    A area were monks beat fighters hands down from day one is saving throws, more so they get ablities that improve the defences or work with them (evasion springs to mind) and this is one of the reason they worry mages so much,there no real weak link in there magical defences. The other reasons they worry mages is that there fast and have stuning attacks, meaning not only will half the mages spell fail to work, but also the monk will be on top before they know it and tearing the stuned mage to bits.

    Equipment wise monks are very cheap and easy to arm. With the full plus + 1 kit being avalable for 5000 coins and within the city, aditional monk robes ofer some cheap flexablity with the most obvous ones being the energy resist and stealth ones. A fighter, even a pure one, is going to be spending 1000 and 1000s more, with some pieces of kit being hard to hold of. However the flip side is that to fight really well a monks needs to spend alot on potions, as in if a monk really wants to go for it he could burns 100s of coins worth of stuff easy.

    Another factor to consider with monks is the effects of muticlassing, while a little more tricky than most classes (its got to fit the monk school of thought properly, so many are no go) with two of the most obvous being rogue and cleric.

    Rogue/monks are really neat becuse monk ac and unarmed combat can replace light armour and short swords easy with stuning fist, furry of blows and sneak attacks going well together. Also fitting into a scout role makes a monk usefull all the time.

    Cleric/monks are nice becuse all the buffs you get 😉 as well as general wand usage being really helpfull. Monk levels also useful for making some cleric concepts work better, with Imatar being a very smoth fit for example

    Hope this helps a bit!

  • @Neolithic:

    I'd like to hear mechanical advice from Jasede, too, actually.

    Alice posted the most important things; is there anything specific you'd like to know?

  • Be rich.

    Have a mage friend.

    Buy potions.


  • Not mechanical:

    Have interesting concept.
    Have a goal you work towards every day.
    Don't be boring.
    Don't be a stereotype unless you can pull it off really well.
    Make friends as permitted by your concept. Even the baddest mofo needs a helping hand sometime.

    All the above advice.
    Learn what every single buff does on NWN Wiki. Then use as needed.
    You're not a tank unless you have to be. Try not to have to be.
    A monk excels in these things: PvP. Ambushes. Killing mages. Neutralizing threats safely and quickly.
    So, in quests, sneak towards mages and kill them ASAP. You have the saves, the SR and the damage and stealth to do it while the fighters hold off other enemies.
    Have a cleric friend if you don't have a mage friend.
    Take advantage of your speed in PVP and PVE: You can outrun almost everything, especially hasted. Use this to survive where others die.
    Don't be afraid of spells; you have Evasion, SR and amazing saves. You're best suited to having bad spells cast on you. Charge those wizards.
    Avoid attacks of opportunity.
    Don't use buffs unless you have to. Knowing when comes with a lot of experience.
    Avoid getting hit; flank, disengage and engage intelligently.
    You're not a fighter. You're more of a spiritual, mystical warrior. You can take punishment only when buffed to your teeth. Your strength is not durability. It's damage and magic resistance and speed. Therefore, play like a snake: strike hard, fast and surprisingly, then retreat and wait for another opening.
    Use Knockdown once you reach level 6; it's amazing as long as you buff your AB. Don't overuse it. Good use: keep someone from fleeing, keep mage from casting, use on a quest boss you are flanking to reduce incoming damage.
    Use stealth to your advantage. Metagaming is bad, but if you can sneak ahead - and a monk sneaks /fast/ you can see what's up ahead and plan out the use of buffs accordingly. Knowing is half the battle.
    True Strike + Flurry of Blows + Haste + Monk attacks/round progression = instant victory.
    True Strike + KD for when you really must knock someone down NOW.
    In quests, insist on being buffed. If the wizard seems like one of those "I'll cast a magic missile or two" kind of people, tell them that you can't work with them.
    Don't join groups that don't seem to know what they are doing.
    Stunning Fist is a real terror vs Rogues, and deliciously spammable vs others if your AB is high and your WIS buffed.
    Find the Monk shop! I don't know where it is myself but there is supposed to be one. I've never found it in like six years but maybe you can. Others have.

    Your mileage might vary. You can have a lot of fun on crazy groups and wizards that don't buff can be amazing. But as a rule of thumb, buffs on a monk + key spells > a few more evocations.

  • @Jasede:

    Find the Monk shop! I don't know where it is myself but there is supposed to be one. I've never found it in like six years but maybe you can. Others have.

    The mistake I made was trying to find the shop with a non-monk character out of curiosity. I'm sure you've already met the NPC several times.
    (or… there might be several monk shops. The one I talk about has less powerful items then the pure fighter shop, despite fighters being mechanically superior on COA.)

  • The monk belt that grants weapon spec unarmed is awesome … you just have to find the vendor and no it isnt in the monk shop!

    There is some good stuff in that shop, but it is not the limit of the stuff that monks can use, explore, investigate and spend!

  • I've tried IC and suggested OOC the monk shop should be moved based on the Shop keeps conversation. I guess it will take someone more persistent than I to get it done though. I know no monks that spar at his current location, yet he claims to be there for just that. Silly.

  • un-represented NPC monks do it. (when your not looking)

  • @Zool:

    un-represented NPC monks do it. (when your not looking)

    While I can understand that, just about every represented PC Monk spars in the Guildhall. I could be wrong on this, and if so I stand corrected, but I still say that he would be better placed to serve PC Monks in the Guildhall rather than NPC Monks in his current location (that frankly makes no sense short for Monks of one specific order).

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