Anyone manage to try out 5th edition D&D?

  • It seems to be redically changed from 4th edition

  • Never got round to trying 4th Edition!

  • I've already moved on to Pathfinder. WotC/Hasbro already showed they are disinclined to base their products on the customers that made the name D&D synonymous with Role Playing Games. They betrayed their customer base to attract new customers, and NOW they realize the error of their ways and are back to re-marketing, likely, another set of books I don't deem worthy to place under my arse.

    Boo to WotC and Hasbro.

  • I can barely tolerate 3rd Edition. Started playing PnP before 2nd came out(Basic then Advanced). Baldurs Gate is the closest thing to the feel of PnP AD&D computer game wise, in my opinion. Have never looked at anything past 3rd, likely never will.

  • Friend played the game and had to roll 36 dices for a swarm of rats, fighters are worse at combat than clerics without spells. And wizards are all mighty, um short description of it really.
    Not balanced from what I seen, incovinient to play and probably will upset most DnD fans as usual, as they tried to please all DnD fans.

  • Didn't 4th Edition just come out? Sheesh.

  • @The:

    Never got round to trying 4th Edition!

  • oki have the playtest first set and its a revamped b2 keep on the borderlands

    still hasa bit much on the chars being superheroes with everyone having odd magical skills and the hp is way off the mark

    first level mage has 15 hp

    but this is just the first set of the playtest and at least they are asking for help this time since 4ed bit the dust so badly

  • You can always buy the older version books used online and play your second or third ed versions as you prefer. Why bother buying and playing 4,5 or 6… if you don't like it?

    One of my old PnP friends now has his children playing second edition DnD. He kept all of the books, mods and lead figurines we used to play with back in the day.

  • After 4E I gave up on the Xth Edition D&D and just stick with Pathfinder when I play PnP.

  • Wasn't bad for a pre-alpha playtest. Looks like they're trying to throw all the good stuff from previous editions together and eliminate all the bad stuff. Mostly i liked 2ed's freedom combined with 3ed's abundance of choices. There was some 4ed's goofiness too (like healing system) but hopefully they'll change that for the next playtest.

  • I didn't dislike it.

    One thing I always loved was the division thief, wizard, cleric, fighter. Too many classes in 4e, they lose flavor.

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