Isoviel Returns

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    Once more the half elf enters the library. The loose papers and pages of open books left out flutter as she passes by on her way to the nearest librarian in the relic's section.

    Greetings sir. I am hoping you might have some information for me on a lost artifact of my Lord. My group, the Windborne, have been searching for the Sword of the Wind for some time. I have recently left them as the winds drew me to this city. I am hoping the clue to finding it might be found here.

    All I know is the Sword of the Wind is a lost relic of Shaundakul and is a greatsword. I beleive it might be an unusually light weight blade, if that would help you in your search for any information you might have.

    Anything you have that might be of any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • From what I know of your god, perhaps you travel around and seek clues outside, rather than in the library. Seems like the sensible option considering the nature of your chosen deity.

    Janteth Sinpine.
    Assistant book keeper.

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    A viable suggestion, good sir. One that I planned to do anyway. It was just my hope that others in their travels had heard rumors that perhaps made it to book form at one time or another.

    Even those of us that follow the wind, enjoy writing.

    With that she smiles, waits a few moments incase there is anything else, then takes her leave when the conversation had finished.

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