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  • I know it can be changed through LETO after creation, but is there a place to download the empty voice set that can be chosen for both male and female upon character creation?



  • http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Ot ... ail&id=592

    It give you male options when picking a male and female options when picking female. Have fun

    But want all in one


  • While your attempt is appreciated, you are incorrect.

    At least on the first one.

    There is no "none" voice set from the ones off the first link for either male or female.

    Does anyone else have a suggestion?


  • I looked for something to do this awhile back for a mute character concept, but couldn't find anything that worked… If there is one, I'd like to know, too.

  • @Gorga469:

    I looked for something to do this awhile back for a mute character concept, but couldn't find anything that worked… If there is one, I'd like to know, too.

    Some of the SOU NPC characters have always had no voice in the set when I tried them.

  • From what I can tell, the minotar on the male voice sets doesn't. But I haven't made it to try out all the commands.

    Still, that is male. There is no female equivilant and I don't want to have to sort through both genders on creation.

    I swear, on another servers forum, there was a post by someone who had a simple way to make your own. Sadly, those forums are gone.

  • I have a pack of voice sets with a few custom ones as well. They don't work so you just get no sound. You can "test" the voice sets while creating by clicking it several times. This makes it scroll through all the commands. And downloading voice sets works like portraits, only the default ones sort after genders, so any you download can be used with either gender.
    Male Half-orc barbarian with the female fey voiceset anyone?

  • Thank you for the help lilles, but I guess I'm hoping for a voice set that was made to not have a voice.

    As far as clicking to hear, yes, I was aware of that.

  • Search for one of the many "FULL HOTU AND SOTU VOICE PACK UNLOCK LOLOLOL" downloads on NWNVault and, after putting it in your override folder and booting up character creation, select one named "Bad Strref." It should be a blank one. I can't recall which voice pack does this, but many of them are just carbon copies of each other. Hope that helps.

  • Found out how do DiY.

    Because I'm nice like that, I'll share my cookies. 🙂


    Voice set packs basically just override soundset.2da to make non-player sounds show up as player sounds. Find one on the vault, then edit the soundset.2da file by adding two lines to the bottom. The last line should be labelled 444. If there are more, just change the numbers below to be one and two respectively more than whatever the last line label is.

    445        MuteM                  none          63800    0        0
    446        MuteF                  none          63800    1        0

    What this does is add a "Mute" voiceset to the bottom of your list of possible voices (the two lines are one for male and one for female). In theory, this should work just fine, but don't blame me if it doesn't, I've not actually tested it.

    Edited my 2da file and it seems to work just fine now. (Protip: save a copy of the file incase something messes up, so you can go back to it if need be)

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