How Many Old Timers Are Still Around?

  • I think my first forum account was from 2003-ish. I definitely recall the zerg rush for the bat man quest at the launch of v3.

  • @Hinty:

    V2 represent!

    I feel dirty…

    Right with you buddy. Great times

  • I'm 87. Does that count?

  • @An:

    I'm 87. Does that count?

    Is that you, Games?

  • @aldrien:


    I'm 87. Does that count?

    Is that you, Games?

    Haha! There's your litmus-test for v3: if you get that, you're an old-timer.

    Nice to see you around again, Ollie. You know I'm an old guy, too 😉

  • First forum account says 2005. Guess I'm middle-aged. Glad to see so many older players, though!

  • My first account is November 23rd 2005, so I'm a new-ish guy too

  • 2005+ is still newbs.

  • @Cunning:

    I think there are more of us than it appears. People change their log ins all the same. I'm pretty sure BG used to be Tainted Saint.

    How the fuck did you guess that? Seriously?

  • I still feel like a newbie.

  • Been absent in the last 6 months but I log in the forums from time to time to please the fans. Around since early 2005.

  • Didn't even know there was a forum until 2005. Played right after I graduated high school in '04. I kinda miss being a noob ass nobody.

  • Think the true old timer test is: Who still remembers the days before IRC on the OLD forums, with the 20 user max chat box attached.

  • Old?! Who the hell you calling old?
    Not me!
    Though I've been here since mid-2005.


  • ah but does maureen recall what was delivered to her in a box, all those years ago

  • i thought the true old timer test was recalling when taliya was blue, and ettore was a gpu nightmare with spell effects running though east

  • I still read the forums once in a while and have 4 or 5 6th level characters in my vault. I feel bad about playing any of them because whenever I start to get involved in anything I usually end up getting involved in a RL project or going on vacation and dropping everything.

    I just missed V1 of the server and was around about a month into v2. I designed the second website as a "fan" site since I didn't really have DM permission or support to build it (there was one website before me- I think it was a screenshot of the east gate and a paragraph about the server on a brown background). I actually personally owned the domain for about 7 or 8 years despite having no real official connection to the server other than as a player.

    I think I still have a statue in game but it wasn't because that character ever did anything; the explanation I like best for this is it was because when I threatened to try to move on to being a guard or PD a DM cursed me: "You shall never retire from house Fezznick". I think he was semi-active in the faction from the first week of the noble houses and for about 6 years until V2 ended and it eventually became a joke that he would never leave the house. Why there's really still is a statue of Nikko is disputed.

  • I was around since v1. Logged in for one day to a server that had a tavern, an adventuring hall, and east Arabel. I walked out the gates. A bear ate me. I didn't come back until v2 was up and running.

    As for Nikko's statue, I put that in. It was 1). a reward for Nikko's most awesome death at the end of v2 and 2). a thank you for running the website for so long.

    I'm still here, playing sometimes. Not really doing any DMing though since last June. Just too busy these days.

  • @falonthas:

    ah but does maureen recall what was delivered to her in a box, all those years ago

    It was someone's head? Wasnt it?

  • was that ollie's player asking…here from back when Anen/sal/Sulla hung out at the three bars.

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