Having trouble and not sure where to go.

  • Some of the issues I'm having have been mentioned in various posts but no one seems to have advice on where to go from there. My characters have always been a bit rough around the edges and my last two have both been barbarians. Granted Vorvinius isn't really a true blue barb but I do very well getting involved with other characters one on one but then when it comes to the groups and the plotting my characters seem to get left on the wayside. Matthew got lucky and just happen to catch the attention of a few dms right before he did something very stupid and hazardous to his health and died in the most awesome way I can think of. But I don't want to kill off Vorvinius. He is a great character with a lot of depth that still has yet to be shown. Yet as of now his faction has died off and it's just him alone left to rebuild. The problem is that we have so many interesting factions about that it's hard to gather new players that aren't alts and even harder to get people involved in the house plot even with the promise of gold and a great event at the end of it all. So where do I go? Do I jump ship and let the character find a new direction within his current arc of plots or do I find new ways to get people involved? I'm really troubled by it since the plot would end up being amazing either way it went but if there's no interest then there's no plot and it gets lonely playing alone every time I log in.

  • Two different things you need to think about.

    Your character and the story. What would he do. Not you, him. And why would he do it. Sit down and go over that, think about his personality, what he's seen and done and think about where HE would go.

    Then back out and breathe.

    No think what would be /fun/. Above all other things we play this game for fun. And what you're doing needs to be fun for you regardless of everything else. So take the first point then look at this. If they mesh - roll with it. If not, re-evaluate a little.

  • That particular thread of story is not dead yet.

  • join the dwarves. We are always happy to have around someone who can swing a big axe.

  • Hey, hey! Don't forget that little chat in the boat 😉

  • The advice given to really evaluate the current situation from your character's perspective is the right advice. Spend some time really trying to think how that little character would react in his current situation.

    If he is not the type to rebuild the faction, then figure out what he would do and go for it.

    Sure, it might mean that he spends a bit of time wandering in an alcoholic daze, getting repeatedly arrested for fighting in public, until he finds a new direction, but I've seen lots of people have fun with that.

    Maybe he's the type that needs be following someone, so he latches onto the first thing that comes along and finds it is a bad fit and has to get himself out of that decision.

    Maybe he just waits it out a bit, or maybe decides that even if he isn't the "rebuld" type, that he is lost without that faction/group and does it anyway, with great trepidation and difficulty.

    whatever it is, just have fun while you're doing it and don't let yourself guilt yourself into feeling you have to save a faction by yourself if you're no having fun doing it.

  • whatever it is, just have fun while you're doing it and don't let yourself guilt yourself into feeling you have to save a faction by yourself if you're no having fun doing it.

    Been there and done that.

    It is no fun if you have no support from other players/dms as your story is stagnant and that becomes frustrating and static.

    Time to take a new direction - as detailed above either react in character and live with the consequences, or make an ooc descision to go down a route that you know will spice up your play and make it fun again.

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