How to play: Druids

  • Hai guise, I found this great instructional vid on how to do druids. You should share your tips too.


  • That method always ends in a slaughter :p

  • I fail to see any relevance to Druids :p

  • Na'vi = druids, bro. Iz obvious.

  • This is how druids should do it IMHO: ... re=related

  • Not a bad start, lillesmurfen.

    That said, I wouldn't mind hearing from other players fond of the class. I've seen brief guides on these forums and EFU's crafted by DMs that were helpful, but it would be nice to have some input from Eliphas, Gurmbach, Howland, Creamycoreofhate, SDM or anyone else interested in giving their takes on the subject.

    I've had inklings to play druids and other classes, but I always feel intimidated by the depth of their roles. This, of course, prompts me to roll up a fighter, or more fodder for slaughter. So if anyone's feeling like a resource on the matter, step up and be heard. Food for thought.

  • Common Pitfalls

    A)Playing a priest with kooky powers
    A druid is not a priest. You live out your particular part of the balance in correlation with your god, but you are not a preacher, you likely don't give a rats furry behind about church rivalries and you're probably more related to your god as a concept (Hunting, Growth, Storms, Disease, etc) then the actual personification thereof.

    B)Playing a Greenpeace member
    While druids (some moreso then others) do tend to oppose overhunting, and felling forests en masse, most grasp that these things in measured amounts aren't going to unspiral the natural balance into oblivion, and may even be an important part in maintaing the region.

    C)Being a crazy savage
    Now, being a crazy forest dwelling hermit/savage is certainly a valid concept, but it should be independent of your choice to play a druid. The druid may embrace civilization and take part of it as a factor in the Balance. They may try and guide it (which probably also requires taking part in it), they may ignore it, or they may try and smash it to bits and plant a forest ontop. None are particularly more druidic then the next offering, and druids (especially travelling ones who come to a city to begin with) aren't all born into tribal barbarian societies with a distrust of city folk (again ,a valid conceptual choice, but independent of being a druid)

  • That's what I'm looking for, Seth. I don't know why I didn't think to mention Velus, suppose I always thought of him as a shifter first.

    Anywho, insights like those are helpful to players like me who tend to dwell within the comfort zone of "HULK SMASH" fighter stereotypes. If you've got any more tips to share, I'd love to read them. Keep the good stuff coming!

  • I wrote something or other .. some where.. way back when I was playing Nessa. I'll try to find a link.

  • Please do! If you don't, the next druid I roll will strut around in chain mail (my characters never could afford plate) trying to smash drained tankards on his forehead. Think of the tankards!

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