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  • Recently I have started to experience an annoying problem. In games/video I get jittery/choppy/blurry frames whenever panning and tilting takes place on the screen. Needless to say its incredibly irritating. I've tried reinstalling drivers, and rolling back to older ones. I've tried running the files under a linux partition, but the problem persists(Suggesting that its not solely a windows problem). My video card is not overheating nor is my computer OCed. If anyone can suggest a course of action to fix this I would be eternally grateful.

  • Your video card may not be overheating, but that does not mean it is 100% not the problem. If possible try connecting with a different port if you have the appropriate adapter, or barring that if you have access to a monitor that uses a different video port connection other than the one currently used. That will verify it is not just a port going out, it doesn't happen often, but it can happen.

  • I've tried with three different monitors, using both DVI and VGA through an adapter. The problem persists.

  • Before this starting happening, was there any significant changes in hardware or software on the system? Antivirus is up to date and ran recently? Any other problems or just the video issues? What sort of Video Card is it? Motherboard? If it is just your video, as you have already tested various OSes and Drivers, and even get the same problem regardless of what port you are using, there is always the chance the video card could just be going out. Sorry I can't think of anything else offhand at this time.

  • This honestly sounds like a video card problem to me 😞 How old is it? Perhaps it is under warrantee?

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