Dragons Dogma

  • It is close to release, and so far from the demo it looks interesting.

    It a hybrid of Dragon Age (party system) and Monster Hunter (battle system), with Skyrim style exploration.

  • I'm picking it up. The Griffin hunt in the demo was a lot of fun.

  • the Ur-Dragon fight looks interesting, as it is essentially based of the MH Fatalis battles.

    The online version has a single health bar, that is shared among all people who encounter it. So if you encounter the Ur-Dragon in your game while connected online, when another person encounters it in thier game, the damage you did carries over. The person who gets the killing blow gets a "epic" loot drop, and everyone who did damage gets decent loot of thier own based on how much damage they did. Each encounter has a 8 minute time limit, so you have 8 minutes to either kill it, or do as much damage possible before it runs away.

    I just wonder how long the online-version respawns.

    Also how you make your character effects how well it does. A tall character is easier to hit, a heavy character has more stamina, harder to knockdown, and can prevent flying enemies from flying if you jump on them. Arm length can determine how far your attacks reach, and skinny characters have less stamina, are easier to knockdown, but regenerate stamina much quicker then a heavy character

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