Just some art

  • I've been playing around with Poser and a few PS filters. Tell me what you think.

    this one is called "hush now"

    I play a game known as Harn and this was Built for a dark city called Golotha. I named it "lost soul"

    most of the rest are from the Harn world. This man is the leader of a knightly order that has called a Crusade against a barbarian Tribe known as the solori. "Filth Breeds Lice"

    the next two are minions of the god of Murder and nightmares named Naveh. He took the pet of the goddess of lust and wealth and removed its balls but gave it the gift of night sight. Not a fair trade if you ask me but now it seeks to feast on what it has lost. "Dekejis"

    This Child brings the nightmares that Naveh has cast upon those who need scareing. His name is "Krasula"

    I'm trying to work on an Online Comic set in the world of Harn but I need some writers/editors to keep me on track and build upon what I have as an Idea. I have the material to keep the world as canon as I can however…you know...Tell me waht you think and if you might be intersted in working with me on this idea.

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