Just a few of Sarasha's Life

  • Just a few things Sara has been over the year.

    Sadly, I don't have as many screenies as I would like and most of these I have posted already. But, screenies from her life.

    Our pet mindflayer.

    Micha was jealous of Gio.

    Just… frightening...

    Arctrian decided to build a nest in the barracks.

    I wish I got more of this mini event but we ran into a large smelly giant. In the end we all were covered in flies due to the… mess the giant was covered in and the hole we found he had just used.

    And finally… Not sure what this was but... it was certainly amuzing.

    It was a wonderful journey. I wish I had more screenies of those that impacted her life. Thank you to those that made it worth it.

  • LOL you found She'Kooks lair! Poor Grundy.

  • Well, she wasn't very hospitable.

    Grundy can do better.

  • There will never be another character like Sarasha. Thank you for letting Adam be part of her story.

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