Fyananamoac's screenies

  • I more or less retired Fyananamoac at easter in truth, but with some of those that she would have asked to aid her in her quest dead or gone in recent events i think that now she should move on too. I enjoyed playing her more than any character i have up to this point and that is largely down to those that i played alongside - most noteably the mage guild as it was built by Sarasha and Fyananamoac.

    Those that knew Fyananamoac would probably have been introduced to the 'precarious oak' or any of the other treees she knew.

    She spent most of her early life exploring Hullack with any that would travel there with her.

    Later on she moved to Bospir for her exploration.

    She did find fey though, unhelpful as they were (suprisingly!)

    And friends.

    The nexus of Miryetar was a place of wonder for Fyananamoac.

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    Limhyr was freed there.

    Fyananamoac was just initiated into the mage guild when they went to the tombs in flynn and contracted Talonen's curse.

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    Seem to have always had a good relationship with some of the dms…

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    We should have realised that Akmin was a spy earlier, he was always hanging about in places that he shouldnt be…

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    The defense against the gnoll at the east gate, too busy scrambling about trying to keep people alive for screenies generally!

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    Wyvern initiation rituals…

    Worse when they got in maybe?

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    Mage guild experiments…

    Gathering reagents, many trips to one place or another…

    Just before Akdul threw a fireball into the mix…

    The potion was made though in the end.

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    Fyananamoac's dryad roots were sometimes obvious - got to love those hanse trees, actually managed to collapse the bresk castle with them once in an impetuous moment! (no screebie of that i am afraid)

    By cadiz_stoker at 2012-05-09

    Rift blades skirmishes and finale.

    Meeting with her mentor, Aldek.

    On being appinted councillor of the mage guild, Fyananamoac got Dm loot!

    The forkbeards died and were remembered.

    Entertainment in the fugue…

    Tempting light…

    But the reason behind it all was to make the journey home, and Limhyr was a key part in that.

    I should have taken so many more as so much went on in the last year, just never seem to have the time in all the action.

    A few random ones.

    Wheres wally?

    In the aegis tomb

    Ilmaters emissary.

    Most deadly poison i have seen!

    Possessed in the ruins.

    Discussing the host.

    The rift maze

  • Wow.. but why do you make them all so tiny?!

  • i normally put them as 17" rather than 15" size, but as there were so many…

  • So many screenshots of Aurixvrak that I never managed to capture, especially Tarik's death event! Thank you so much, Cadiz!

  • Good times. We should totally have gotten a posse together to bust Sarasha out. All that practice with guild wands, they wouldn't have known what hit them (and niether would we)

  • I'm there! I'm there! 🙂

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