Subrace Stats

  • A lot of mechanical details are difficult or outright impossible to find, since the CoA wep-page went down - including what subraces do and don't require application. I can't see anything like that floating around on the forums, so maybe a DM (or the all-knowing Seth, or any player with a good memory) can help out.

    This is what I can remember to the best of my ability.

    • Humans

      • Human
        Standard human.

      • Janni
        NOT true human subrace. Weakest race of genie.
        Invisibility 1/day
        +10 rounds of underwater breathing
        Endure Elements 1/day
        +4 STR, +2 DEX, +2 INT, +2 WIS
        +1 natural armor bonus.

      • Githzerai
        NOT true human subrace. Subrace of Gith.
        +2 DEX. +2 WIS, -2 INT
        Daze 1/day

      • Shadowswyft
        +2 DEX, -2 CON
        +4 to Hide, Move Silently and Spot
        Light Blindness

    • Dwarves

      • Shield Dwarf
        Standard dwarf, or "Shield Dwarf" in subrace field.
        +2 CON, -2 CHA

      • Gold Dwarf
        "Gold Dwarf" in subrace field.
        +2 CON, -2 DEX

      • Duergar
        +2 CON, -4 CHA

    • Elves

      • Moon Elf
        Standard elf, or "Moon Elf" in subrace field.
        +2 DEX, -2 CON

      • Sun Elf
        "Sun Elf" in subrace field.
        +2 INT, -2 CON

      • Wood Elf
        +2 STR, +2 DEX, -2 INT, -2 CON, -2 CHA

      • Wild Elf
        +2 DEX, -2 INT

      • Drow
        +2 DEX, -2 CON, +2 INT, +2 CHA
        Spell Resistance (11 + Character Level)
        Darkness Ability
        Light Sensitivity, Light Blindness

      • Fey'ri

    • Halflings

      • ???

      • Fetch
        Tiefling halfling.
        +2 DEX, -2 STR

    • Gnomes

      • Rock Gnome
        Standard gnome, or "Rock Gnome" in subrace field.
        +2 CON, -2 STR

      • Grey Gnome/Svirfneblin

      • Jynx
        Tiefling gnome.
        +2 CON, -2 STR
        +1 regeneration

    • Half-orcs

      • Half-orc
        Standard half-orc.
        +2 STR, -2 INT, -2 CHA

      • Tanarukk

    • Any Race

      • Lycanthropes
        See here.

      • Fey-touched
        +2 CHA, +2 DEX, -2 CON, -2 STR
        +4 racial bonus to the Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Spot skills.
        +10 Hide in natural environments.
        Invisibility (5) 1/day
        Ghostly Visage (5) 1/day

      • Aasimar
        +2 CHA, +2 WIS
        5/- Resistance to Acid, Cold and Electricity
        +2 to Spot and Listen

      • Tiefling
        +2 DEX, +2 INT, -2 CHA
        5/- Resistance to Fire, Electricity and Cold

      • Half-Dragon
        +8 STR, +2 INT, +2 WIS, +2 CHA
        +4 natural AC
        Immunity to paralysis/sleep/fire
        Breath weapon.

      • Genasai





  • Wood elves and wild elves are both non-application.
    Writing ability modifiers compared to the human standard is easier to follow. IE: A sun elf gets +2 INT, -2 CON (their elven dex bonus is eliminated), and not +2 INT, -2 DEX.
    This is my preference.

    I will now write things in my way:
    Wild elves get: +2 DEX, -2 INT (favored class: sorcerer)
    Wood elves get: +2 STR, +2 DEX, -2 INT, -2 CON, -2 CHA (FC: Ranger)

    Aasimar and Tieflings are covered in the wiki. As are drow and half dragons.
    Duergar get: +2 CON, -4 CHA. Usual dwarf bonuses and immunity to paralysis or something like that. Not sure on the last part.

    Tanarukk get some solid bonuses I don't recall. Think it was along the lines of:
    +4 STR, +2 CON, AC bonus and immunity to fire (since they are demonorcs). Also: killed on sight.

    See also the wiki page on subraces here.

    I haven't gotten around to updating the different races yet, but that is due to my RL level of busy. Not been too high on the agenda either due to most of them being super-rare.

  • Might be worth putting the most common alignments on there too.

  • It would be best if we just threw all this onto the wiki in an orderly fashion like how I began and get a link to the wiki from the forums.

  • I am clueless around a wiki, though I agree that it looks a lot nicer on there if done right (like the Aasimar entry)

    I've added on what was said in any case. I haven't gone into details of any subrace as the wiki has done, simply because it would make it a very bloated list and because information on these races is generally more widely available than details of how they're implemented on CoA.

  • I've made some small updates to the wiki and asked players with knowledge of spesific subraces to fill me in. Hopefully it will be made right soon enough.


    Might be worth putting the most common alignments on there too.

    I haven't taken myself the time learn how to make this look good. For common alignments there is always the which include canon information and things like common alignments. I can't be assed to include those things as well when its one search away on a different wiki.

  • Thanks for putting some of these up, Smurf.

    Would a DM be willing to modify Moloch's Player Resources page with these stats? Or sticky this page?

  • I will eventually move the info from Moloch's page over to the wiki like I did with the Aasimar and Tiefling entry. I just haven't gotten so far yet as to do it for the rest. Takes a bit of work. Will do once exams finish.

  • Sean K. Reynolds, Matt Forbeck, James Jacobs, Eric L. Boyd (March 2003). Races of Faerûn. Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 0-7869-2875-1.

  • #1: I own no sourcebooks, legally or otherwise.
    #2: There is no definite correlation between CoA implementation and the sourcebooks in terms of ECL and mechanical factors.
    But if you want to take the written parts of it and put them in the wiki then that'd be great. The Forgotten Realms wikia is sometimes lacking and the Pathfinder and Moonsea wikia might have a different view on things than we do. Else we could just link them directly too.

  • Thanks for doing this by the way, it'll be a massive help when it's all done.

  • With the caveat that this is from the above-mentioned sourcebook:

    +4 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Wis, -4 Cha

    In PnP they also get a lot of other abilities and +3 LA, but I don't know how much of that has been implemented here.

  • I don't even know if Tanarukk is a feasible race since its so demonic and an top of that orcish that it would be killed on sight by any guard/adventurer regardless of alignment. Its not like you can even hide the heritage due to the shape, colour and size of the being. I'll add it under planetouched later, but I'd resent it being an accepted race here because it would make no sense. A goblin would be more likely to walk the streets freely than a Tanarukk.
    And since Half Dragons only get ECL +1 I assume the Tanarukk would get the same.

  • what are the vampire stats?
    just wondering apparently they're a powerful subrace.

  • lizard-man would know I assume, since he was one. Vampire is probably still the most difficult subrace to obtain but we could probably have it up just for reference.

  • Here's how it basically works:

    Basic Information:

    PC Vampire subrace, quick stats:

    • Have 1 turn to get in out of the sun before accumulating damage.
    • Sun damage is 10/round. Should the vampire perish from accumulated sun-damage, they will suffer permanent death.
    • 10% movement increase. Monks or Barbarians (multi-classed or otherwise) do not receive this bonus.
    • Can travel in animal form for a limited duration beneath the sun, without accumulating damage.
    • Initially invisible for 3 rounds, if forced into a gaseous state by conventional death.
    • Undeath To Death, provided they fail their allowed save, should now permanently destroy a vampire.
    • Vampire PCs lose 10% of current XP on being forced into gaseous form, due to a "regular" death.
    • Upon being forced into gaseous form, a PC Vampire has 5 in-game hours in order to return to their coffin to rest. Should they fail to return to their coffin within this period of time, they will suffer permanent death.
    • Should a PC Vampire be forced into gaseous form while in possession of their coffin (100lb coffin token), they will suffer permanent death.
    • Should a PC Vampire be forced into gaseous form and not be at all in possession of a coffin (was destroyed etc.), they will suffer permanent death.
    • A vampire must be in close proximity to their coffin in order to rest/heal entirely.
    • Negative energy will heal a Vampire PC.
    • Positive energy (healing spells, potions, etc.) will harm a Vampire PC.
    • Vampire PCs receive a +5 turn resistance bonus.
    • Can be harmed by holy water.
    • A successful hit with a stake through the heart, will permanently destroy a vampire.
      PC Vampire subrace, mechanical modifiers (undead traits/3.5ed vampire):
    ECL: 3
    Ability Bonus: Charisma +2
    Ability Bonus: Dexterity +2
    Ability Bonus: Intelligence +2
    Ability Bonus: Strength +4
    Ability Bonus: Wisdom +2
    Bonus Feat: Alertness
    Damage Reduction: +1 Soak 10 Damage
    Damage Resistance: Cold Resist 5 / -
    Damage Resistance: Electrical Resist 5 / -
    Damage Vulnerability: Divine 100% Damage Vulnerability
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Critical Hits
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Death Magic
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Disease
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Fear
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Level/Ability Drain
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Mind-Affecting Spells
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Paralysis
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Poison
    Immunity: Miscellaneous: Sneak Attack
    Skill Bonus: Hide +8
    Skill Bonus: Listen +8
    Skill Bonus: Move Silently +8
    Skill Bonus: Search +8
    Skill Bonus: Spot +8
    Turn Resistance +5

  • Hey, the super sayan guy created a wiki to CoA.

    Maybe you could put some of the data there

  • If you read any of the previous posts Giba, you'll see that this is the wiki we have been discussing the whole time. I am putting up info there when I have time. And thanks StrawMan. 🙂

  • @lillesmurfen:

    lizard-man would know I assume, since he was one. Vampire is probably still the most difficult subrace to obtain but we could probably have it up just for reference.

    Actually I wasn't a vampire! Seeing as vampire stats are posted though, I'm going to assume it's not a huge spoiler to post the subrace I had, assuming it's still in the system (after all, people are generally less eager to apply for what they don't know exists)

    Vampire Thrall
    A Thrall is a being who feeds on the corrupted blood of a vampire to gain supernatural powers. Over time, this unfailingly leads to the occult powers of the vampire's blood altering the Thrall's metabolism, meddeling with their very minds and reducing them to a slavish existence in service to the survival - if not the will - of their source of sustinance. The suplicant's lifespan is extended indefinately while they remain well-fed, the ageing process halted in its tracks as an unnatural fuel powers their body to extremes it never knew - all this is subject to the reliability of their supply of vampiric blood, however: a Thrall who is starved of the blood of a vampire will age rapidly, and these years cannot be regained even by the consumption of more blood; they will lose their supernatural powers in short order. Whether or not they ever regain their minds - if their bodies do not just turn into withered corpses after reclaiming decades in the space of hours - is another question, and one not likely probed in much curiosity between the vampires who transform sentient beings into powerful slaves and reliable sources of sustinance, or the undead hunters beset with a cancerous population of collaborators, or the Thralls themselves, intoxicated with their masters' blood as they are.

    Though bound to the service of the vampire who first forced their venemous blood down their throats - if they were not willing supplicants already as good as enthralled to a vampire's service - these creatures are created (or rather, allowed to live) with careful thought, and often kept on a tight leash, for as priceless as they can be as loyal agents fulfilling a vampire's agenda, these Thralls' existance requires them to feed upon vampires. A starved Thrall will likely try and tear apart another vampire that their master has not explicitly forbidden - and if such a thing as a Thrall could ever change sides then their knowledge of vampiric society and physiology, combined with their own super-human attributes, would make them dangerous enemies for any night hunter.

    Vampire thralls are not undead creatures, nor do they suffer from many of their vampire masters' weaknesses - they are able to walk in the light of day, for instance, and do not look significantly different visibly from normal people - but at the same time, they are no less mortal than they were before, and a Thrall can die of any cause that their former selves could, even if old age is be averted.

    (Abilities as best as I can remember them)
    +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 CHA, -2 WIS
    Damage Vulnerability: Divine (not sure how much)
    Can feed on vampires to gain up to 5 "blood tokens".
    Can use a blood token to gain +2 STR, +2 DEX and drastically increased movement speed for a number of rounds

    I also found this awesome website called the "way back machine" and it, surprisingly, has an archive of the old CoA website! ... aceDM.html

    There's some stats and subraces I took note of in there, but I expect - especially where ECL is concerned - that there will be some inaccuracies.

    Lightfoot Halfling
    (base halfling)
    +2 DEX, -2 STR

    Ghostwise Halfling
    +2 DEX, -2 STR

    Strongheart Halfling
    +2 DEX, -2 STR

    (ie. all have base halfling stats as far as I can see)

    Application subraces

    Deep Gnomes (Svirfneblin)
    2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -4 Cha
    Small Stature, Hardiness vs. Illusions, Offensive Training vs. Reptilians and Goblinoids, Skill Affinity (Listen, Concentration, Illusion), Darkvision, Stonecunning, Special ability: blindness once/day +4 AC, +2 on all saves +2 Hide, Spell Resistance (11 + Character Level)
    Favored Class: Illusionist
    ECL: 3

    Grey Dwarves (Duergar)
    +2 Con, -4 Cha
    Stonecunning, Darkvision, Hardiness vs. Poisons, Hardiness vs. Spells, Offensive Training vs. Orcs and Goblinoids, Defensive Training vs. Giants, Skill Affinity (Lore), Darkvision, Immune to paralysis, phantasms, and magic or alchemical poisons, +4 racial bonus on Move Silently checks, +1 bonus to Listen/Spot, Invisibility once/day, Light Sensitivity
    Favored Class: Fighter
    ECL: 2

    +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Cha
    Immunity to Sleep, Hardiness vs. Enchantments, Bonus Proficiencies (Longsword, Rapier, Shortbow, Longbow), Skill Affinity (Listen, Search, Spot), Keen Senses, Darkvision, Light Sensitivity, Light Blindness, Spell Resistance (11 + Character Level), Darkness Ability
    Female favored class: Cleric
    Male favored class: Wizard
    ECL: 2

  • Thanks liz. I think most of the UD races had their ECL chipped down to +1 instead of 2-3 like here, but I'm not entirely sure on that. Would need player experience/DM verification on that.

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