DM factions vs Player factions

  • Crazy thought time

    What would the thoughts be behind the DM team reducing the number of DM factions, but making it easier for player factions to gain an HQ and have more of a say in what’s going on around the server? These would be dotted about the server, with a small amount of storage, possibly resting, and have keys to be able to gain access.

    They wouldn't be 100% secure, so there would always be the risk of a hostile take over / conflict. Really good, interesting player factions would have the chance to gain a more secure HQ and greater powers in the city and beyond, and have NPCs show an interest.

    How could we make this work so it would be awesome and not terrible, and have it so the really interesting and dynamic player factions succeeded? Not saying we will, but it's one of many ideas being discussed on how to shake the server up.

  • one of the main things regarding dm factions is that the are always city focused i think.

    Lots of the player factions arent neccessarily focused or even based in the city. Whilst i would look forward to the chance to build a player faction HQ etc, i would worry that to many might end up being away from the city itself and in doing so reduce the amount of 'chance' interactions between PCs.

  • I'm all for more power to player factions and not needing to spend a year for getting a small shack somewhere in the woods.

  • Concerning security

    Hq's should be 100% secure until a character in said faction logs in. At which point, they become less secure. That'd stop random rogue pick locks breaking in while no one is even logged in. Some kind of alarm similar to th bells that goes off when the door opens might be am idea too, this would make it risky breaking in, and make confrontations more likely.

    Lighten up the 'level of awesome' needed to attract an NPC. Low level NPCs would probably just be a voice in the forums, attracting higher powered ones could gain special vendor/loot/security. Even higher would give some kind of 'power'

    Some kind of rent system, that doesnt use GP's but rather some other form of payment depending on the faction/owner of the property. The system would make adventuring neccassary, or, potentially, extortion. If this wasn't paid, faction loses HQ.

    The details of this would take a good while to figure out and i guess the DM team would have to talk of the intricacies.

    Preferably, at the least, security, and 'rental' systems should require zero DM maintenace.

  • Slight issue with rent.

    Half the faction goes on there summer holidays, and wonders were the HQ got to when they come back!

  • Re-earn it. It got rented out to someone else. Mire fun re-gaining new place after a break away from the region.

    Otherwise, six billion empty faction hq's

  • I am all for it. Honestly, I am saddened by how much energy the dm team put into keeping dm factions in power. But the more power to players the better.

  • More love for player factions. Yes.

  • Easier obtainable player factions hideouts is a great idea.

  • Cool, people like the idea.

    What about some ideas on how to make it work/fun/not fail?

  • @Xenon2megablast:

    Cool, people like the idea.

    What about some ideas on how to make it work/fun/not fail?

    Make it work = core group that pushes the faction 24/7

    Fun = involve as many people as possible in faction - as members or opposition

    Not fail = (above) + (slip a DM some bills to be online in your time zone and to give up some plot support)

  • I would love to hear some more feedback from you all! I do have a direct question, though: obviously a lot of people would be willing to create player-factions but are there enough of you that would want to join them? There seems to be a trend of support for this idea, but it does require player-run and driven attitudes! We want to make sure it has potential if it ends up being something we decide to go for!

    Thank you all!


    (slip a DM some bills to be online in your time zone and to give up some plot support)

    Paid to DM? That'd be the dream, haha.

  • it would be nice to have players set up faction houses, but i do see a problem with this

    many characters have the lifespan of a mayfly and all good intentions aside you will have some HQ's lasting days

    with a big brother (so to speak) maintaining the HQ there can be some long term stability that will outlive many of the characters

    i had shown a interest in one local, but was not willing to do a lot of work for it, to my great pleasure i had been informed someone else had acquired it in game…but to my great sadness..i think it lasted all but a day

  • Eliminate DM factions or drastically reduce their importance.
    They tend to aggregate a bunch of people that - often - let go individuality to agree on everything that is decided/mandated by the group. I've never seen when I was in a faction (or actually I didn't see it recently) open conflict within any faction (but it's true that I don't play as much as I used to).

    Example (disclaimer: these are my personal point of views and I do the following affirmations with the scarce knowledge I have of the server, characters and current factions, the ideas expressed here are my own only and do not force my company, wife and family to any period in the Nine Hells)?

    Legion is EVIL. Legion members should be plotting to kill each other or submit each others to get more power for themselves.

    Use player factions/interesting player groups to create conflict by using NPCs. Let NPCs to build up Player factions to "supported factions" if they create awesomeness and let them die if they do not. Stop giving away "faction gear". Let player ask to their "sponsors" to receive particular perks or let the sponsors give each of them what they think it would fit.

    An additional example: don't create a "merchant" faction. Let one Sembian NPC approach one of the few merchant (who plays a merchant consistently) and ask them to become a partner in a shop, or something along the lines. This will push players to play their characters as unique.

    I think we need more RP and less conflict. Server has too few players to aggregate them in DM factions.
    My 2 cents.

  • I'm always for supporting player factions and I think easier acesss to a HQ could make them more appealing to a lot of people. In addition to possibly renting a HQ what about adding hidden areas around the server guarded by fairly challenging baddies which if discovered and cleared would be allowed to be "claimed" by the group responsible for their demise. This would let them set their spawn point there if they so wished making it their unofficial de facto HQ.

  • Greatly reducing Dm Factions would be the trick IMO, along with more player faction support. It took us like 6 months, to get a HQ when I was in the resistance. By that time, most of our characters had retired off or were dead. The same happened with my Noble character. If say two weeks of hard work would result in similar perks, wicked. Hells, put half a dozen pre made HQs in the module, in one or two areas. One cave, one City Interior. Then set them up, and remove access as needed.

  • Love bettter support for player factions and making the factions more dynamic.

    However, I do like to have some more "DM like" factions around.

    That is factions that are kept up so there is abit more stability to the setting.

    What I am trying to say (very tired being up far too late) is that if player factions are to somewhat replace DM factions there need to be massive support of good ones so they survive the initial "founder".

  • @senseitravis:


    Cool, people like the idea.

    What about some ideas on how to make it work/fun/not fail?

    Make it work = core group that pushes the faction 24/7

    Fun = involve as many people as possible in faction - as members or opposition

    Not fail = (above) + (slip a DM some bills to be online in your time zone and to give up some plot support)

    I didnt mean what you do to keep a player faction running and interesting on the server as a player.

    I meant what the system should/would/could be set up like, to facilitate this. How could it be set up so that there wouldn't end up being a bunch of disused faction HQ's?
    How could it be set up to encourage and facilitate involving people, etc etc.

  • I like DM factions better.
    Needs more EOs. Lots of them.

  • Needs more megalomaniacal mainstream religion as DM Faction that dominates and persecutes.

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