In Memory of Wern8

  • Some sad news I picked up from the EfU forums that I think the community here would want to know about, given so many have played and interacted with him for so many years.

    Wern8 sadly passed away not too long ago from a condition he had been suffering with through his life.

    As on the EfU forums I'm struggling what to say as I'm so shocked and saddened by the news. All those who knew him I'm sure won't have a bad word to say about him.

    Rest in peace Wern8, a true IRL paladin.

  • Probably one of the best known players from the V2 days.

    I was barely a player back then, and I did not have the fortune to know him as well as some others here and on EfU did, but from what I have read and what I know now, I would say the world has lost someone making it all worthwhile. I am vaguely aware of the illness; to live with that and still live life to the extent that he has, well, it is an achievement of pure courage.

    However, as some here remember with his character Ky'ran, the man will never truly pass away and will always come back to us; albeit now, in memory. RIP.

  • Absolutely knocked for six.

    Wern8 as Ky’ran Lordoron was my mentor six/seven years ago, he introduced me to the pantheon of Gods, to roleplay and to the good times Arabel could bring. Genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet, someone I’ll sorely miss.

    Rest in peace.

  • Wow.. that's.. .. damn man.

  • Knew him through my Dad when my dad used to RP on EfU… Great guy, rest in peace

  • R.I.P. Wern8

    Shocking and saddening news 😞

  • And here I was having a lovely friday… Wern was a great guy, and one who I played alongside for a long time back in the day. He will be sorely missed. At least by me.

  • I remember his paladin being a server legend when I first started. Wern8 was a real talented player and inspiration for many of us I suspect.

    My condolence to his family.

  • Ky’ran Lordoron….whitelighted?

    Oh damn.

    I wish he respawned.


    I'm stunned. And sad. And stunned.

    Should have respawned.... 😢


  • Ah no, not another one! 😞 Wern was one of my favorite buddies to hang out with back in the day. He was a hilarious fellow OOC and a very talented roleplayer IC. As well as I thought I knew him, I guess I was never aware he had a condition that was life threatening.

    Every time I hear of someone dying that is associated with City of Arabel, it somehow strikes me harder than when I hear about someone who dies in real life. You people are supposed to be immortal, and respawn. Stop dying..

    R.I.P. Wern8, a true paladin.

  • Didn't know the guy personally, but still I hope he got he wanted out of his short time on this earth.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    He was a great player and taught me a lot too. It was an honor to play with him and always a lot of fun. Our Ky'ran will be rmeembered always.

    Life is full of good and bad surprise. As I was reading this sad news, I recieved a picture on my phone. The picture of my new-born nephew. Today I learned I lost a friend, but gain a nephew.

    Reast in Peace, Wern8. You'll always be our Knight in Shining Armor.

  • 😢

  • I know I already replied but I have one more..

    I know Wern and I used to chat a lot, so here's something in the off-chance that when we die, and there IS an afterlife that lets us do.. whatever.. If he can read this, or hear my thoughts as I type them, or whatever.. This toast is for you, Wern. I'm gonna miss you, and thanks for being a good friend.

  • Ah man… I remember being at odds with Wern's paladin a time or three... RIP... 😞

  • As someone who had the pleasure of playing with Ky'ran with my pally Jason Erickson back in the day I was always impressed with the heroism he displayed which few people have since. He was an important part of this community and I wish him the best wherever he is now.

  • It is sad to hear that he has passed on, I will always fondly remember the moments we shared. Another player becomes a legend.

  • Even though I haven't played with him in years, I still think about how well he handled frustrations playing Arabel and how I'd like to keep my cool as well as he did.

  • Aw shit… 😞

  • @Gurb:

    Aw shit… 😞

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