Deflect arrow question

  • Heya,

    I have a character who has deflect missile (arrow/missle whatever) and despite some attempts at trying to make this work, I've never once gotten the reflex save I'm supposed to get to even make the attempt much less do it. So my question is does this feat actually work or should I politely beg for re-leveling before I go any further?

  • Use of this feat requires at least one hand free. Using a two-handed weapon, such as a bow, will prevent this. This feat does not work with a sling equipped.

  • I forgot to mention my character is often (as in 100% of the time) without any weapon of any sort so the free hand thing is totally met.

  • This feat only works when you aren't being caught flat-footed.

    You are flat-footed if you have not yet taken a combat action. So let's say you are running into an archer- until you actually enter his AoO range you are flat-footed and will not be allowed the reflex save. But once you are actually fighting said archer in melee combat, you should be able to deflect 1 projectile per round from other archers that may be firing at you.

    Or maybe you are the victim of some obscure bug.

  • Running doesn't leave you flat-flooted, so in the above example you would not be caught without the feat. But if you are simply standing, without taking actions, you will not deflect any arrow.

  • Maybe place your character in parry mode to be active if all you are doing is standing still waiting to choose your moment to act? i assume that this would work round the mechanics?

  • I'm going to give that a try when I get some time. I was expecting it to be a passive thing as well but if I have to be right up in the mix of things, this seems like a waste of a feat for my character. She's not -trying- to get into a fight 😛 nor is she trying to get turned into a pin cushion. I'll experiment some and report back.

  • As someone who is a Monk, so I always have free hands, and also have this feat, I do know that it works. I often am ingaged in combat while the archers fire away at me and have seen it work before. It doesnt, however, seem to work as often as I think it would/should, but thats probley just me not paying attention.

  • No, I agree whole heartedly. I've been keeping an eye on it and it works maybe 10% of the time. . . But hell, it's something. shrugs
    Oddly enough, I've had it work with a 2 handed weapon too. Very strange O_o

  • I heard improved evasion ups your chances which leads me to believe NWN is reading you "flat footed" when you're not being attacked more than it should. Although it doesn't count you flat-footed as far as AC as goes in those instances as far as I can tell. So no clue what really happens.

    It should work anytime you have a combat or movement action queued in the upper left.
    It works best if you only have something in your off-hand or neither hand. So you can use it with more reliability while holding a shield than with a dagger. This according to NWN is totally fixed as of 1.6.2 and everything is fine no matter which hand is free.
    Occasionally a barbarian wielding a great will deflect an arrow despite the two-handed rule. Some theorize that if your animation shows you running with the sword in one hand you can deflect. Some people think it's just broken as sh*t and happens randomly. Two-handed rule is broken completely for small sized PCs- halflings can deflect arrows even with a longsword held in two hands and per the rules should not be able to.
    Occasionally you deflect a ranged touch attack (although that bug may be fixed by now).
    Debate goes on about walking using WASD vs. the mouse.

    I have seen it work. We threw an arena game for newbs where Zedu, a high level monk was the target since there was no DM around to give us a proper one. Even when we opened it up to the 12th lvl + characters it remained "The Archery contest no one ever won".

  • Its only 1/round, and you have to be in combat mode. (turning on parry works too)

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