• Time of Mourning

  • Intense stuff. Who said you can't RP by yourself?

  • @Neolithic:

    Intense stuff. Who said you can't RP by yourself?

    Those of us who can't be epic by themselves, like mages.

  • Always great to RP with Hound and Karath, interesting is a lesser word that does not capture the back and forth of IC discussions,

    Karath will be missed, his RP is also noteworthy and inspiring.

  • A Hero returns home to Arvandor - Rite of Passage West

  • I don't have screenshots, cuz well, I'm daft and always forget to take them. But I do have the log.. I'll post the non spoilerish parts of it.

    H: Come..Together we shall stand as we finish the Rite of Passage. To aid him in traversing the darkness into Arvanddor.. The Ever-Green. To finally release his bonds from these ravaged lands. It is customed to speak words of the one who passes-

    As Alysiel enters the Circle she begins to fade in and out from sight.

    A: Is this part of the passage?

    H: This is not the Rite.. It is of the divine.. Perhaps an effect of the Cradle of Rebirth.

    A: I don't understand..

    H: You have been but a fragment of your true self, Teu'Tel'Quissir Alysiel. Fractured.. Unwhole..Do you feel such of what I speak?

    A: Everything was lost, and I desire it.. My steps cannot move forward without knowing who I am. Even if the memories are lost, I need to understand my blood.

    H: Are you certain you wish to become whole once more? To seek the embrace of the Quessir and the Seldarine?

    A: It is my time to walk that path, and what I desire.

    *As Alysiel speaks, flames strike down upon her.

    H: Then you have come to the right place.. The Cradle of Rebirth. To be born anew. Your resolve shall be tested.. Should you seek back the path.

    A: What do I have to do?

    H: We shall first send our kin back to the Ever-green forests of Arvandor.. To rejoin the Quessir there and the Seldarine.

    H: As we perform the rite his shell shall fade.. Untying him to this plane of existance. The weave that binds his bone and muscle together shall fade.. and so shall he. Speak of him.. to him.. of that which you witnessed as your paths crossed.

    Alysiel kneels next to the corpse, pulling a single flower from a tiny pouch and setting it upon the corpse's chest

    Fires come and consume the flower.

    A: A flower to remind him of happier times. He kept the one I gave him under his armor.. over his heart. His path, darkened and shadow filled. One that even I felt the pain of him walking.

    H: He has made many sacrifices for the Quessir.. His path yet not at its end. To honor him.. The Quessir must take upon his path. To see that the desetination is reached. His visage will never be seen again within these ravaged lands.. He shall find the embrace of the Seldarine in Arvandor. Even as we speak Sehanine Moonbow, comes to him.. To guide him by her hand to Arvandor.

    A: How will he find it?

    H: The Lady of Dreams shall guide him home.. as it has been her role for many eons to come.

    A: Will he be at peace? Find a happiness at last without sorrow and pain?

    H: He shall walk with those who have passed before him. He shall be at the All-Father's side. And he shall see his beloved Mooncalled once more. Such is what he longed for.

    *A single tear slides down Alysiel's cheek. Karath's body slowly begins to fade in and out of existance, as if the weave itself starts to depart from it. The weave flows into the wind and the grass, sliding ever so gently against Alysiel's face as if a soft caress.

    A: And we too will walk with him again? When our day arrives?

    H: Indeed. Once we finally succumb to the sweet call to Arvandor.

    A: Then it is not a goodbye, but a gentle parting until time allows us to greet each other once more.

    The mutilated corpse continues to fade in and out of existance , at times only its invisible weight can be noticed upon the grass

    H: Upon this day we mourn his passage, but rejoice as he joins the Seldarine and the Quessir in Arvandor.

    Celestial: The Time has come.

    H: Guard him and guide him home. Tell him.. we shall join him, when we linger here no more.

    Celestial: Name him not, in your speech or in your thoughts, lest you call his spirit back to this world.

    H: Namaarie.. Brother..

    Karath's body is cradled by the Celestial and the body fades as the last particle of weave leaves it into the night skies.

  • I love elves.

  • Me too.

  • Fin~

  • It was beautiful Shea and Seter. I wish I could have been there.

    Just ignore the trolls. I personally found that was a touching moment, even reading it second hand, and they should have respected you sharing something that was a private and powerful moment for your character.

    You did SDM a great honor by RPing that for the passing of Karath. I only hope someone cares enough to put even half that effort into it when my character's time comes.

    Again, well done.

  • @Shea:

    Yah awesome, let's just trash people's fun role play with stupid comments. People wonder why things aren't shared anymore, it's because half the time people share the things that are entirely awesome to them - they get shit on by assholes.

    Sorry Shea! I just violated forum rules without wanting to. I agree with Angelfire, it was a hell of a roleplay.
    Editing the upper posts to avoid trollage.


  • It was only a jest Shea. I LOVE the old ways, and miss the days where, if an important figure vanished, it took like a whole day IG to arrange the funeral, and alot of people showed up. I miss that kind of roleplay, and i find it wicked that you two share it with us. Thank you.

  • No troll, that was beautiful.

  • Sorry for getting defensive, it's just 95% of everything lately seems to turn into a huge troll fest, which makes events that people put thought and feeling into becoming belittled and moot. I do apologize for going off about it.

  • Report the post and we'll take care of it.


  • I wasn't wholeheartedly satisfied with the character death but what Hound, Alysiel, Polaris and Abby (the players) did made it very rewarding and gave me closure as a player to the character. Feel a lot better about it all. Thanks to everyone that made him fun on his crazy roller coaster ride through Arabel.

  • Thats an awesome ending. Nice stuff, cheers for sharing.

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