Blast from the Past

  • So in my exploration of the module, I came across the NPC Elgyth Trollsblood over in Thunderholme and through searching the forums discovered that Elgyth played here for some time. Small world, I worked extensively with Elgyth (assuming of course that its the same one) over in the Sojourney guild building both the Silver Marches and Bloodstone Lands modules. Elgyth - if you're still around, hit me up!

  • Sojourney is still around?

  • Yep! The BSl PW was taken down a couple of years ago aside from the one or two nights a week that a DM was running a scheduled campaign on it, but there's a core of about ten or so people that still float around the forums. One of us has finished a campaign module that we're going to play through in the near future. So some of the community is still there. I did mention to them how much fun I've had here in hopes of luring some old friends back into the game, so here's hoping!

  • I thought Kat Dragonstar was moving it to NWN2, did that happen?

  • Nah. We started laying the groundwork with a base mod set in Everlund but it didn't pan out due to a variety of reasons (the usual NWN2 reasons - toolset learning curve, lack of player interest, etc.) Kat's still around the community though. Definitely one of my dearest friends that I've met through this game.

  • That's a pity. Haven't seen Sojourney's Silver Marches or Menzoberranzan in years, though (was a player in 2006) but they will be missed. Only met Katarina once in Menzoberranzan.

  • Good times! I never played on Menzo but spent a good bit of time on the Silver Marches. Sojo also had a Waterdeep/Undermountain server that had tremendous atmosphere to it that we played on fairly often. We started working on the Bloodstone Lands mod as a replacement to the SM/UM servers - it went up in mid/late summer 2006 and ran full time until 2010 or 2011. That's a fun setting to build for. Palischuk (a city of half-orcs, for those who aren't familiar) was a real trip.

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