Thanks everyone!

  • I've only been back in NWN for 2 weeks now, and this has been my first real Arabel experience. I think I logged in and took a look around town back in the NWN heyday, but I never really played here. In the two weeks that I've been here, I really feel like people have welcomed me, included me and just been generally awesome to a new guy. The DM's I've interacted with have been fantastic. Bacon, Camazotz, Ponies and Stooge, thank you! And those are just the ones I know of. I've little doubt that I've interacted with even more that I wasn't even aware of. That's a true testament to how immersive this world is.

    To the players I've run around with who are far too numerous to list, thank you too! You guys rock. The quality of RP here is truly amazing. To have this many quality players TEN YEARS after the game was released, while even the SOURCE material has undergone two major version updates, is simply astounding. I think once you've been a part of something this big for so long, it gets really hard not to avoid the effects of stagnation and not to see things in terms of negatives or how much better things used to be. That's just human nature. I can testify from the unique perspective of a newbie, there's still a lot of shine to this place, and I could not be more thrilled to finally be a part of it. I discover something new every day that just makes me giddy (yesterdays discoveries were the random daily specials in the West Bazaar - thanks Neo - and the visually breathtaking epicness of Thunderholme - thanks Green Monster!)

    Basically, I say all that to say, thanks for having me!

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