NWN modules

  • Hey hey hey

    As well as playing online I always like to download modules from the NWN vault but recently i've had a problem once i've downloaded some of them, most of them needing the CEP version of NWN. I've downloaded the CEP pack and fully installed the newest version, but when I play the module i've downloaded it comes up as

    'Could not load module
    Missing custom talk table'

    something like that, just wondering if any of you knew how to fix this? :shock:

  • It's referring to the .tlk file missing from your tlk folder. I'd check your hak folder to see if a .tlk got installed there in error and move it to the tlk folder. If that doesn't work, may have to do some searching to see which .tlk file is missing/needed and search for it as a direct download (I think the Vault still is still probably the best resource for this sort of thing, but I've really been out of the game for the last 4-5 years.)

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