Favorite Memory of v4

  • Just curious and bored as I've got my weeks off between semesters.

    What's been your single favorite memory/event/NPC/PC from v4, and why? What's the brief story if its something some of us won't remember.

  • I love the buisness in Thunderhome from start to finish when I was playing Gwen 🙂 Stealthy scouting it out, the need for the helms, the whole trying to avoid colateral damage…

  • Taking command of the Green Dragons with my first app character since 04 during a lull in the DeSchurr factions membership and overseeing the recruits development from humble little first timers to hardened soldiers leading up to the Civil War. I believe one of them eventually became a Retainer themselves a week or two before my capture. My fondest memories of the late V3/early V4 was taking people to the Wyvernwater to take on the Juggernaught as part of an initiation.

    And then, whilst playing the age-old enemy, there is this. This. And of course, this.

    Good times.

  • The ending of V4…oh wait that hasn't happened yet damn.

  • Buying the entire PC membership of the Red Harts at the time from some hill giants for some precious gems (Blessed Candy) on Chaste's first outing. Not that they acknowledged his lawful ownership of them as per the verbal contract.

  • Capturing manticore from the helmlands and setting up the zoo. Spending ages to capture a troll, to have an infinite supply of ears for Maleen, then once captured, accidentally burning it while trying to cauterise the wounds on its chopped off arms and legs in the mage guild basement. Fighting eliphas with a lvl 7 fighteer wizard at starwater gorge over the crystal there. Chosen of Ramiel elemental staves. Slime cult, corrupting the glade, The battle of castle crag, summoning the great mole, and ending up with a shrine to Urdlen. Storming the mages guild possesed by the queen of ice and fire.

  • The day I saw Bear Cavalary with Phoenix Legion troops on. Proved to me, that if you are insane enough, your silly ideas can come true.

  • When Moloch was an active DM!
    but seriously…

    My entire time as a Custodian and my time with the Slime Cult. Most fun I ever had on CoA.

  • Roflstomping 200+ lycanthropes as Sir Morden Haar and Super Hessu's Regent of Damnation in the Hullack, watching the bodies pile up in droves while all I could see across the screen was:


    And the RP with Hessu that night was just so utterly delicious. I regret to this day not having screenshots.

  • Sadly got only one, for it was good fun.

  • Lord Huntsilver's marriage proposal and the releasing of the glade spirite. Oh and Sheriff Deerwood, my first dm faction character which wouldn't have happened without you Moloch. You helped me lots on the application, thanks.

  • For me the greatest memories have been summoning Bloodclaw with Helmar and desecrating the Elfhold. I will also always remember the Infernal feast with Sova and the battle of Easthaven against Red Harts.

  • Hessu, you just made my entire day.

  • My God, Werewolves… that is insane.

    I haven't been here long but I've had a lot of really great experiences with a lot of you, thank you! So far the one that sticks out to me the most was when I was on my way back to Arabel from Immersea alone and Camazotz waylaid me with a Bugbear bandit intent on robbing me at Crossbowpoint. Had a good laugh during that one!

  • Final battle with the Cornucopia giant monster.. had a good end to a good character, with the most epic battle I've experienced as a PC. Only wish I got the screens. 😞

  • Being a part of the Slime Cult and showing exactly how much a balls-to-the-wall proactive purely player faction can change the server.

    Good times.

  • Moo'taz.

  • • As Mr. Elmett, the Tristan’s Trade sewer battle.
    • As Aldous Stark, buying/manipulating Governorship of the Western District.
    • As Xzavien Kreswell, hours and hours of plotting coming together with the theft of the Staff of Ilmater at the Battle of Crag.
    • As Mann Shira, fighting his archenemy Tarik Vhengazi to the death.

  • That was an epic battle, that sewer one.

  • As Tumrulum Gullyvilistilicious, stealing the lemonade recipe from some gnolls and burning an entire section of a forest.
    As Nysse, taking over the Northwest and declaring it as the Realm of Nowhere.
    As Lolalum Gnogmaporinthia, participating in the Halloween Special event and killing more PCs than the final boss.
    As Herbert, turning on people in wereboar form because they did not feed him enough.

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