Textures odd with new install

  • Hi guys,

    decided to pop back to Arabel to see how yer all doing! So I rebuilt my system a while back, its a linux box running the Nouveau open source graphics driver.

    Fired up an old backup of nwn, the game runs fine (as usual) with one exception: in certain areas my textures are all screwed, everything appears as white (as if theres been a heavy snow). Places I find this are inside the Tired Traveller and outside of the east gate.

    Am I missing a textures file or overrides? My textures directory contents are:


    if not, I suppose this might be a bug with the Nouveau driver (not sure if anyone else has tried it?)

  • never tried your driver, but I to always missed texture files, I heard the vault got them, if that doesn't work I don't know.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Try finding some overrides to replace the tileset where it happens?
    Use to have that problem but then I switch from Vista to 7 and a fresh install of nwn. Problem got fixed.

  • You likely installed an override sometime back.

    It is also possible that you installed the 32 bit pack only when installing NWN, and are on 16 bit right now.

  • Thanks for your replies guys. I tried a with/without a few overrides but no change. Upgraded to the official NVidia driver and bingo, all works properly now 😃

  • Same thing happened to me Zero

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