Are our players okay?

  • Storyteller [DM]

    There was some severe tornados yesterday and up here on the news it really doesnt look good. I know some of our players were in the area affected and I am worried for their safety. If any of you got news, please let us know. I hope you guys out there are okay and safe.

  • Had to drop out fairly suddenly last night when the sirens went on. Wasn't even really raining here, but further north about 5 miles or so got hit bad. Did wake my son up though and was a bit of a pain getting him back to sleep.

    By the by, I have a small bit of coin that was collected for those that were with me fighting ogres and giants. I'll find y'all in game later to dole it out.

  • Some places got hit pretty hard, like there was an estimated $200 million worth of damage done in a city an hour away from me.
    I personally didn't get hit by a tornado, though it did come -very- close to the town. Like as in a few miles close.


    It was prom night, too! Spent the majority of prom in a creepy looking corridor basement, dark, damp, and smelly. But we were safe at least.

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