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  • Now..this is just a list of what I thought would be good MMO's only to find they took a good ide and flushed. Grant many MMO's had some merit but just didn't warrent me investing in them, be warned this post contains opinions!. I cannot account for others tastes, this is mostly what me and a bunch of friends played and collectively discussed

    DDO aka Dungeons and dragons online: I thought to myself who could they screw this up?, well they did lets ingore the fact it's ability systems mirror WoW like most MMO's do. The leveling system is long and tiedious and feels more like ZERLING RUSH!!!, than a good old fasion dungeon crawl. The sense of danger is nil, as traps are tripped as bought characters rush right though. Granted I lost interested before I could get to end game, maybe it changes but I didn't want to go through the frustration also no real role play or immerson. The graphics and character designs was top notch however and so were some of the animations.

    EQ2: Nothing new here folks, move along…it's just like the first EQ and WoW. Save EQ 2 wants you to pay for EVERYTHING so...yea I'll take a monthly subcription any day.

    Guild wars:Pending

    LOTR online: Not bothering

    Star trek online: I'll give it points for the premise and the ships look REALLY cool, on par or maybe better detailed than EVE. They failed in execution, there's no real need to form parties to get to end game. Untill then you can just follow the quests they just lead you like bread crumbs, getting your choice of ship each new rank was a nice touch so you don't have grind to get a new one. Then when you get end game, you are SORELY under geared.

    The phaser fights are closer to Halo then what you see on TV, being a HARDCORE lover of starfleet battles I was depressed. The Space battles are little more than turn and shoot,shoot and click a ability I guess thats alright...but the Starfleet battles lover in me just didn't like it.

    KOTR: LARGE sigh Oh bioware,bioware I am SOOO disappointed in you. I thought you would put out something alittle different than a star wars themed WoW, the only saving grace is the ablity to take cover. SO atleast tatics mean something, but again it just comes off as another cookie cutter MMO. After such greats as NWN,Bio shock just to name a few I had expected something different.

    EVE: Great space game....but it gets dragged down into a long boring grind Great visuals.!

    World of tanks: The tanks if you have a HAWT graphics card and processor, this game is simply mouth watering. If tanks are you kinks then this is as hardcore as it gets looks wise. However once you play the game which is free, the flaws become rapidly appearant. After teir three the matching making goes phsyco!, like a mini A 20 being thrown in with K-5's and such.

    Whislt on the battle field of the era that might happen, yet the delvopers said they were looking for a balance between realism and play ability. Well it's not very fun when everything on the other team can one shot you. The other mistake are gold tanks, allowing players to buy thier domanice is never a good idea. Giving a slight advantage sure, but the gold tanks are just to much.

    Yet it's a fun game when you get the right games, and players...which is hit and miss because the grasp of tatics and teamwork seems to escape most of the player. I blame the WoW "I am a solo" mentality for this, the clans are all elitest with high requirement or were in my experince.

    Yet like arabel I find myself unable to put it down, prehaps that my old micro armor self having fun.

    feel free to add more MMO's or review one I haven't, I like to hear informed opinions on such game...not just what the game mags are paid to.

  • @confusedgamer:

    EVE: Great space game….but it gets dragged down into a long boring grind Great visuals..

    You must be playing a different eve game then me, I have not had to do any grinding and I have been playing since 04. If your not in a good corporation then the game might feel like a grind, but there are so many aspects of the game to do that you do not have to do the same thing over and over.

  • @confusedgamer:

    LOTR online: Not bothering

    Good call.

  • Well with EVE, I did join a corp…guess I didn't get a good one. Prehaps you are correct for LOTR I sorta had a feeling it wasn't a good one.

  • Actually, I like LOTRO, but to each his or her own.

  • Must try World of Tanks.

  • A few friends suggested that but I have so many F2P mmos on my computer right now on top of my other projects….I would suggest APB Reloaded if you enjoy GTA style gaming, its not a grind but the missions get repetitive so I only play it when I need that kind of fix.

  • Guild Wars is probably the best game ever.

  • @The:

    Guild Wars is probably the best game ever.

    I think your mixing it up with speedball 2.

  • @Gimpatronic:


    Guild Wars is probably the best game ever.

    I think your mixing it up with speedball 2.

    Slime Soccer is the best game ever.

  • hi i liek mario kart

  • Hunter on the amiga

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