• Just a warning to the server. It seems my name is going about and has been used in sendings. (the characters name is Roberto) he has NEVER ever given anyone any sort of name. So please do not use his name roverto for IC purposes.

  • Wait…your characters real name is: Roverto and the alias he is using is... Roberto?


  • If I see a sending made by someone and it gives their name at the start I assume that is included in the message, same with npcs that you tell your name in dialogue thats overheard. If you want nobody to know your name then use messenger boys for sendings.

  • Others use his name, if I understand correctly.

  • Sorry Morkek,

    Just don't bother asking folks to remember not to use a name. It's a game. People come here to relax, not remember that one character they meet in five hundred hasn't actually given out their name. It isn't going to happen so don't make people feel bad about making such mistakes.

  • Akdul's last name is on the posters. I've never used it ever and some people use it IG, but its best to just get over it. Alias's never last long and in the end rather pointless - because people will for the most part always know who you are, as disguises are not supported

  • Been here myself!

    One of the simple ways to deal with it is to give your character a meaningless name if you want to use alias most of the time. I mean I had a character called "Kerri Dudragon" Her real name was in fact the highly ironic Hope Dudragon (she was highly cynical) and most people knew her May B(ella) El-vin (Or maybe elven 😉 ). The real joke being that she was a pureblood human (through a Morvite and enjoyed trickery).

    Most of time people called her May, if people called her Kerri, it was easy to correct…. and a spoiler free name anyway.

  • I've heard this conversation time and time again. The answer I've always seen given in the end has always been this.

    The name you have over your head does not have to be your character's real name, if you want to go by an alias, write that as your name and only give out your real name to those you want to know, no metagaming CAN occur this way.

  • How about in V5 we don't have names at all? Put a short description of your character in his or her name field, "Husky Man", "Sexy Wench", or "Smelly Dwarf" for example. Put your name in the description if ya want.

  • There would be too many people trolling and writing "Chuck Norris"

  • Roverto has no alias. He doesn't use a name at all. And I suppose your right. Trying to pick and choose is a lot to be asked to some extent. You'd literally have to keep a list. But the point about the naming being over his head doesn't actually have to be his real name is a good point. Didn't really think of that. Im going to keep that in mind for future use.

    (also, I like that V5 idea, I honestly think that would add some immersion to the game (until it gets silly), I think I'll official ask a DM if we can use a mini description for a name sometime)

  • I hated it when people metagamed my character Mavio, something must be done.

  • Not gonna happen. Can you imagine how many 'Cowled Gentlemen' there would be?

    [Rushes off to make 'Well-endowed man']

  • @Stooge:

    [Rushes off to make 'Well-endowed man']


  • Mortek I had the same problem with my character, so I asked the name to be edited.
    If you rarely use your true name anyway, might as well put your alias as your name. Less metagaming.

    Also messenger boys is the way to go. For a man who has nothing to hide! But still wants to.

  • @Polaris:


    [Rushes off to make 'Well-endowed man']


    I'm sorry but you shouldn't be playing a character if you cannot roleplay him appropriately.

  • You're right. I should play something I can relate to.


  • The key point - Don't whine at players if they use what's floating over your head. It's just annoying to them. Make sure what is over your head is an appropriate distingusihing monika/Alias/TrueName when you create your PC and expect people to use it, whether you've handed it out or they just read it. Don't regard this as metagaming your name.

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