I'm building a new computer. Collaborate?

  • Heyyooooo. I find myself wanting to fashion myself a new and powerful desktop from scratch. What this is about is to kind of collaborate with other tech geeks a little and get some opinions on good parts. I'm pretty much literally replacing everything with a new case and all, since all of it can use some trading up.

    CASE: I'm looking at a Corsair 650D case, Obsidian Series. I personally love most Corsair products, and a friend of mine just brought one to my place (Carbide, but it was still sweet) and the cable management in those things is just phenomenal. My old case is a Lantec, which isn't cutting it anymore.

    MOBO: Another friend of mine who just replaced his motherboard bought an ASRock Z68, so I'm thinking of doing the same… Seems legit. Overclocking is simple, which leads me to the next thing.

    COOLING: Again with Corsair, I'm looking at their H100 Hydro Series. Not too pricey for liquid cooling and it seems easy to install. I wouldn't doubt it would be better than my old 120mm plain fans anyway. Should fit nicely in that big case.

    CPU: Been on the rocks lately... Intel i5 2500k? I haven't really looked into i7.

    GRAPHICS CARD: Haven't went that far yet. Right now I have an an AMD Radeon HD 6700. Should I even change that?

    That's pretty much it for now. I plan on buying everything at once and building the entire thing in the course of a day. I'm in no rush... More peoples' opinions would be nice though, for those who also make a hobby out of this stuff.

  • We just put in i7 computers where I work and they are AMAZING! I do graphic design and video digitizing, all in HD, so I can attest to the quality of the i7. As for graphics, I am running an ATI Radeon HD 5700 so you got me beat. Cooling and case, I have no input for you. I run and air cooled system so case and cooling are out of my knowledge. As for MOBO, I run an MSI 880GM-E41 and it overclocked just fine.

    I will offer one piece of sound advice for you though. If you go Intel, get a Geforce video card, in turn, if you go AMD (which I did with an Athalon2 quad core) go with ATI/AMD products. AMD is also best compatible with MSI MOBO's.

  • ASRock Z68 and i5 2500k are solid and excellent value. i7 isnt worth the extra $ unless your planning on using programs that use hyper threading.

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