Case File: The Precept

  • Make no mistake. I do not support Cormyr but the Precept crossed a line here.

    There have been sendings from them, mostly by Brother Shadow stating they attacked the Colinwood garrison and killed 15 soldiers. We are not at war with Cormyr and this could easily be seen as an act of war.

    I propose the Precept lose their seat on the council since their attack on Cormyr could plunge the nation into war whilst we recover from the Horde.


  • You say Mostly by Brother Shadow, What sendings and messages of this nature have been made by others of the Precept?

    If Shadow is doing this, then we Punish Shadow. Councillor Naresh shall have to Weigh in on this matter as he represents the Organization.

    With respect, given how one person removed from this council at your insistance has formed a faction of her own that splits support for us, and the First Peer has requested we do everything we can to show a Unified front for the benefit of the people of Arabel, perhaps you should not be so eager to remove another from their seat so quickly.


    Addendum: Furthermore, while I do not and shall not condone the attacks for the same reasons you gave. Isn't this kind of retributive attack exactly what the Greywatch stands for?

    Addendum 2: Also, if we remove Naresh from the Council for Shadow's Actions. Do we admit culpability for the deaths by making it a Council issue? Rather than just Punishing one Citizen and having it be a simple crime.

  • Precept Arcanum

    Fortunately for you Bryce, this event did not occur. While we did encounter Purple dragons, it was us whom were ambushed on our way to deal with trolls, and by no more than four. A First sword, a ranger, a War Wizard and a scout.

    We slew them and when one tried to flee, we killed them before they could reach Colinwood, there was no storming of any garrisons. The story can be verified by Sellsword Bron, the real concerning matter was that they appeared to be scouting the regions around Eveningstar.

    Beyond that, I shall speak with Brother Shadow. The man enjoys his bluster, but he by no means is raiding garrisons on his own. If I had to guess why, he's trying to get the Black Dragon riled. Or simply make noise, either is probably sufficient for him.

    If that is all, I believe that has the matter covered and before you go screaming corruption. Do some leg work and speak with Bron, I don't have time to respond to your every complaint Bryce and I have to agree with Luckbringer Ezri. I ignore you Bryce, when I need to deal with the Greywatch, I speak with Clark. The Precept has worked with the Greywatch to bring in criminals and yet we cannot seem to even manage being in the same council without you screaming about something.

    The problem isn't the Greywatch or the Precept , it's you. Make an attempt to speak with your fellow council members without threatening them, I feel as though this isn't something I need to explain to a grown man.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • And yet Shadow openly claiming that you killed 15 even if it is an attempt to rile up this Black Dragon could well be seen by Cormyr as an act of war


  • Good to have this matter sorted with some truth. We just have to hope the Cormyrians don't listen to our sendings. Or actually keep track of their soldiers.

    Since I assume they do keep track, this does infact tell us something. As the Black Dragon believed this to be true, they likely don't have any actual contact with Cormyrian forces.

    As I stated before Bryce, if the fault lies with Shadow, Shadow will be dealt with, as Councillor Naresh has said he will do as is his Duty as the Representative of the Precept.

    (And as an Aside, while I am flattered by your words Naresh I cannot Claim the title of Luckbringer. Such is the title of the Tymora's Clergy, I am but a simple Songstress blessed with her gift).

    • Ezri

  • As it stands, we are not in any capacity prepared for war. The Council must ensure that we do not leave ourselves vulnerable. The King had a messenger ride south, if he seeks peace, then we must honor his wishes.

    If what Counsellor Naresh writes is true, then I trust he will discipline his own, just as we of the Oath do to those who threaten our charge.


  • Given the thin thread upon which we sit. There are no winners in war and we cannot have an incident like this again fabricated or not. I expect an update on what the Precept does in regards to their brother shadow. If they have been seen around Eveningstar then I request more patrols in an around to ensure the safety of the borders. The Aster will do what they can as they have always done. But make no mistake we do not want a war and I doubt Cormyr will choose a war with Eveningstar. But we are a point of interest on the way to Arabel. I do not want more lives needlessly lost for the sake of a few peoples pride. Wars have been started for less.

    Dawnlord Jadzia Sunguard

  • Dawnlord,

    As one who travels the Kings Forest more than most, I shall detail to you what I see in the thickness of the forest.
    The fortress in Collinwood is heavily fortified, and as you know, is very close to your village. I have yet to see soldiers travel north of the fortress.
    To the south of the fort, I see their patrols often, in the no mans land. Scouts, soldiers, the occasional higher ranking soldier. I have yet to meet any war wizards on my travels around the forest, though I imagine it is only a matter of time.

    I have witnessed them in the tunnels running below the forest on more than on occasion. I see them in the most dense parts of the woods, always patrols of around half a dozen or so.

    I have not seen them move closer to either Immersea or near the elven ruins, but I have spotted them in the tunnels just below.

    I never interact with them, so I could not tell you whether it is the same unit I spot, or several.


  • I appreciate your report thank you. Perhaps we will speak more in person when given the chance.

    Dawnlord Jadzia Sunguard

  • Whilst I believe the Cormyr situation was Shadow trying to bait this Black Dragon.

    The issue still remains of the stolen Head piece of the stave.

    It seems that the vote to remove Naresh will pass.

    I propose that the Precept lose their seat unless they choose to show they can follow the law and not keep stolen goods.

    If the Precept returns what was stolen they can send a new representative. If not they lose the seat

    Serving on the council should be a privilege given to groups that aid the city and not a right.


  • I will admit to lack of cooperation in some areas but Removing completely from council I do not agree with. Personal feelings aside they have always come to my aid and that of Eveningstar. I would weight this considerably.

    Dawnlord Jadzia Sunguard

  • I am sure they have been great allies to eveningstar. But If Bryce's accusations have even a shred of Merit, and the evidence and testimony he has provided do seem quite compelling, then the Precept holding a seat on Arabel's council while flaunting it's laws is simply demonstrating that they are right to consider themselves above it.

    Is that the message we want to send?

    • Ezri

  • Dawnlord.

    It may be a harsh measure but what we must consider here is the fact a member of the Precept stole the prison of some manner of infernal creature from me, Did so whilst I was wounded by a sand assasin and then fled, When I went to search the Precept shortly after they all threatened me and I was attacked by Bron.

    Since then they have refused to co-operate at all and have not even punished Nethki for the theft or returned the stolen item

    If we let this stand we let them make a mockery of the laws


  • Twelve Peers

    [Instead of anything new, a copy of a previous discussion is placed.]

    If you want order and justice, and to show that no one man is above it, then why resort to removing a member of the Council rather than charging them with the crimes they have committed. Unless you're trying to say they are abusing their position on this Council.

    -Councilor Grurec, son of Torunden

  • @Merne23 I'd say that removing someone from a position of power is generally a fair precursor to charging them with a crime.

    • Ezri

  • Grurec.

    It is the fact that the Precept were informed of this theft and given proof both in these files and Shadow was given a copy of Slade's report and yet the Precept seemingly refuses to punish her for theft from a councillor and work with the council to see the infernal matter resolved.

    I believe there are good people in the Precept but until they can show they take theft from and lying to the council seriously the Precept should lose their seat as a sanction


  • I'll put this to a vote.

    The Precept lose their seat fully until they publicly punish Nethki for the theft and issue an apology to the councill


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