A little reminder about "Doing things" from day one

  • Hey folks.

    Noticed a trend rearing it's head over recent times where, characters are created, mostly just quest and don't get much involved in the game world until they hit level 8-9 or something, and only then start "doing things"

    It's kinda not what it's all about, and, generally, if DM's feel that's how your character has developed, we are VASTLY less likely to run personal plotlines, drop plothooks, or otherwise support the character development.

    If you feel like you "can't take someone on" or can't stand up to someone because you're too low level (and might not "!!!WIN!!!",) it might be a plan to modify your way of thinking a bit, and realise that, if you stand up to someone early on, and fail, well that is all part of the story. You aren't going to get FD'd at that point (exceptions may apply, but this is a general post) because we don't tend to work like that on this server.

    It's kind of a two way deal, so just have a bit of a think on it.

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