Scarlet Syndicate

    • Sell swords, their loyalty is to coin and coin alone
    • Offered their service to Obyn in the midst of our negotiations, whilst representing and serving the Council
    • Saw a business opportunity and disregarded the impact their offer had on Arabel, and the Council
    • Can be quite insulting towards the Crimsons, who they have copied in color and appearance
    • Lead by Jack Wild, other known members: Tobias Gibbs, Rhajin
    • Gives themselves noble titles such as "Viceroy" and "Archmage" regularly
    • I threw them out of the Council chamber after our return from Tilverton, a failure on my part

    Threat level: Minor, may become a real concern should they join forces with Obyn or someone worse

    Luckbringer Ottilie

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