Church of Lathander/Order of the Aster/Order of the Sun Soul

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    Church of Lathander/Order of the Aster/Order of the Sun Soul
    a. Paladins, Fighters, Clerics, Monks
    b. Other goodly worshippers of Lathander
    c. Ties with Sune, Chauntea, Selune, Restored Nobanion
    d. Plots around Haunted Halls, Deadwell undead stuff, threats from Cormyr and Arabel

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I am down for a religious faction with authority/power in Eveningstar, and players can join the group as crusaders.

    I do want the faction loot nerfed though if we make it app-free, maybe in the vein of +1 ac versus evil, +1 will, and 20foot light.

  • Admin [DM]

    @SpiffyMeister said in Church of Lathander/Order of the Aster/Order of the Sun Soul:

    I am down for a religious faction with authority/power in Eveningstar, and players can join the group as crusaders.

    I do want the faction loot nerfed though if we make it app-free, maybe in the vein of +1 ac versus evil, +1 will, and 20foot light.

    All loot for factions will be getting a nerf.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Prof-Misclick said in Church of Lathander/Order of the Aster/Order of the Sun Soul:

    All loot for factions will be getting a nerf.


  • Admin [DM]

    The House of the Morning

    House of the Morning.jpg

    Faction Name: The House of the Morning
    Theme Song: Don't let the Sun go down on me

    The people of Eveningstar look toward the great stone building, Asters growing around it and on the walls. As the first glimmer of the coming dawn peeks over the horizon close to two hundred lay worshipper offer prayers to the Morning Lord and silent thanks to the Church of Lathander for their prosperity and the protection

    Inside the opulent temple members of the Clergy, Order of the Aster and Sun Soul, long up, prepare for a New Day.

    "This is way and the way is the Light"

    During the early days of Gondegal's Revolution, many in Eveningstar paid little attention. The city of Arabel had long chafed under rule of a distant court in Suzail and southern noble families but such things were of no concern. Safe and secure in the heart of a mighty kingdom the 800+ residents of the farming community went on with their lives, under the light handed rulership of the Winter noble house. Attempts by the growing revolution to gain the support of the Church in this New Beginning were rebufed by the orthodox church, who pledge to remain neutral in such a secular matter. The arrival of the evangelistic and heretical pries,t Purizajar the Confessor bringing word of the True Sun Heresy, shattered the Church of Lathander and forever altered the course of the People's Revolution

    Having found a young and charismatic leader in Seipora El'Jassan the Pure, many of the Lathanderite faith found the message of Amaunator compelling. Mass defections within the purple Dragon ranks as well as the Order of the Aster led to the formation of the heretic Knighthood of the True Sun and pledge to Gondegal. Both a blessing and a curse, this caused a crises of faith within the orthodox church but saved Eveningstar from being considered a viable military target.

    In the aftermath of Gondegal's victory an uneasy stalemate between the prominent heresy of the True Sun and the orthodox church of the Morninglord with neither side prepared to declare a holy war. In the passing years the True Sun Heresy faltered, marginalized by Gondegal and the great houses, the withered into impotence. With the assassination of their Lord Commander, the True Sun ceased and many left, while some few made a desperate effort to bring order to the fractured and corrupt city and failed yet again.

    Under the spiritual guidance of the High Dawnlord Charisbonde "True Servant" Belon, Eveningstar prospered while most others in the City States of Arabel did not. Harvests were bountiful, coin flowed into church coffers from shrew business arrangements and the Church carefully came to control much of the land in Eveningstar. Now counting nearly two hundred of the residents as their flock, some within and even outside the Church began to whisper of self rule and determination, free from Arabel and Cormyr.

    With the arrival of the travelling Lathanderite Errant, Aritian Faressain, and his squire Nicholas Appleberry, the Church began its final recovery with the restoration of the Order of the Aster. Under the leadership of Sir Myrkyr Thaddoth, the fledging order of knights rallied many to the cause of good, hope and the Light. In the year of 1361, at the end of the White Horde threat, Eveningstar was named a Bishopric.

    A new beginning with many old dangers lingering await....

    OOC Information

    All races are welcome in the House of the Morning

    One step rule applies for clergy.
    LG, NG, LN predominately

    Preferred Deities

    How to Join.
    Rank 1 (Non-App)- Up or out rank to test the faction out, get involved, work on the app/gain IC recommendation
    Be recommended by an existing member and pass the trials appointed by players/dm

    Faction Base
    Free Storage
    Free Rest
    Faction Gear/Uniforms
    Faction Forum
    Law Enforcement within Eveningstar and designated surround lands



    Rank 1- Awakened (Novice)- Non Application
    Rank 2- Dawnbringer- Generic PC priest EiG/Easy Application
    Rank 3- Dawnlord (Priest and Official Clergy)-EiG
    Rank 4- High Dawnlord (High Priest)

    Order of the Aster

    Rank 1- Awakened (Novice)- Non Application
    Rank 2- Dawnsquire- EiG/Easy Application
    Rank 3- Dawnknight- EiG only
    Rank 4- High Dawnknight- Hard EiG

    • Granted Sir/Dame in front of name
    • Similar privileges to Official Clergy
    Order of the Sun Soul

    Rank 1- Awakened (Novice)- Non Application
    Rank 2- Dawnbrother/Dawnsister EiG/Easy Application
    Rank 3- Dawnmaster- EiG
    Rank 4- High Dawnmaster- Hard EiG

    • Similar privileges to Official Clergy

    High Dawnlord Charisbonde Belon

    Charisbonde is tall and slender with wizened features and inky black hair streaked with bands of radiant silver. He is most easily recognizable for his ostentatious form of dress: bejeweled robes of crimson and gold. High Dawnlord "True Servant" Belon is the highest ranking priest in The House of the Morning.

    As the leader of the temple with around twenty-five clergy and the near two hundred lay worshippers, Charisbonde is very influential and highly regarded by the people of Eveningstar. His values are values are typical for a servant of the Morninglord: he provides aid and fosters hope, new ideas, and prosperity. Though religious study is his primary function, Belon's most marketable ability is his conventional wisdom, which he employs to settle trade disputes and make sound investments in the community. He is a shrewd businessman and, even with all of its charitable works, in so many years the House of the Morning has never failed to turn a profit.

    • Reconciliation between Cormyr and Arabel
    • Removal of the True Sun and fractured Vigilant Sun heresies.
    • Re-dedication of the all things Amuanator to the Lathanderite orthodoxy
    • Transforming Eveningstar into an independant Bishopric under the control of the Church of Lathander
    • Grow the faith
    • Increase prosperity of the flock in Eveningstar

    Sir Myrkyr Thaddoth

    High Dawnknight of the Order of the Aster

    Myrkyr Thaddoth.jpg

    Myrkyr is a man with an amazing mustache, sharp tongue, and a quick sword. He once again wears the full regalia of a High Dawnknight in the beloved Lathanderite Order of the Aster. Stories of his wit, vanity and charm go hand in hand with tales of his prowess wielding a double bladed sword.

    Sir Myrkyr was the only Knight of the Church who remained faithful to Lathander duing the True Sun heresy and Gondegal's Revolution. There are some who credit him alone for keeping the fighting far from Eveningstar, due to his fearsome reputation as a warrior. The travelling Lathanderite Aritian, recruited him out of semi-retirement and to once again lead the Order of the Aster in Eveningstar.

    • Support Charisbonde in a free and independent Eveningstar
    • Restore the Aster to full strength
    • See the Eveningstar Militia are trained
    • Wipe out the lingering undead threat in Deadwell and the Southhorn battle.
    • Delve into the Haunted Halls
    • Find a worthy successor in the way of the two blade
    • Avoid getting married
    • Leave a good looking corpse and grieving women when he is finally called to Lathander.

    Seneschal Jelde Asturien

    Jelde Asturien.jpg

    As an older man he has the attitude of been there done that and accepts things as they come. Having lived a full life he is now happy to spend his days helping the younger generation of adventurers do good works in Lathander's name. He is a highly skilled crafter and supplies the Church with both mundane and magical items as well as the gear for Lathanderite clergy and The Aster.

    • Recovery of religious artifacts and items of significance to both Lathander and Myth Drannor.
    • Exploration of the Haunted Halls
    • Historical lore and trinkets of Ancient Cormyr

  • Admin [DM]

    This sounds great to me, would just like some conflicting interest between the NPCs that the players can side with. Don't have to be huge, but some sorta disagreement between the LG knights and NG clergy could be fun.

    Also, this ties in heavily with the Haunted Halls, which is grand!

  • @Puffy I love a bit of chaos, but I dunno if the faction needs internal conflict. As long as it's conflicting with the outside world in ways that make things interesting, I think it'd be fine.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Make it clear that the Order of Aster has no army, it's presence is exclusively displayed through Myrkyr and PCs, and whatever npc happens to be in the village.

    The Church of Lathander is massive, the Bishop can summon aid, but they'd take time to assemble.

  • Admin [DM]

    There is a little militia in Eveningstar, but it is no OP guard force

  • Admin [DM]

    • Faction for the lawful do-gooders
    • Heavily focused upon the Haunted Halls, Storm Horns, South Horn? and King's Forest
    • Wants to establish a good trade agreement with Cormyr and Arabel
    • Wants to liberate Tilverton of Obyn, reestablishing a proper Lord in his stead
    • Wants Arabel and Cormyr to strengthen their alliance
    • Wants Eveningstar to remain independent and strong (unless Cormyr gives them a too good to be true offer!)
    • Wants to free the woman trapped in the Haunted Halls (Damsel in distress!?)
    • Wants to cleanse South Horn of its undead taint
    • Wants to reopen the roads in the King's Forest
    • Wants to cleanse the Haunted Halls
    • Wants to claim the Storm Horns under their control
    • Wants to praise the sun
    • Wants to cleanse Arabel of all Amaunator influence
    • Wants to claim all artefacts of the sun in the Stonelands

  • Admin [DM]

    We can certainly add some of those to generic goals and assign some to personal goals of the NPCs. I think having clear goals assigned to NPCs/potential sponsors are a must moving forward

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