War Campaign - Objectives

  • Storyteller [DM]

    So the council may have a clearer picture of the conflict I have had the scouts put together a brief report on strategic locations and individuals of importance. Dealing with any of these objectives listed below will assuredly have a large impact on the course of the battles to come.

    Keep an eye on this list as it will be updated as the scouts recieve information.

    ~ Marshal Saga Drakebane

  • Storyteller [DM]

    -- Enemy Leadership --

    The White Witch
    We have little information to share on the witch, but that she is believed by some to have been a former War Wizard. And is single-handedly responsible for the formation of the White Horde. Killing the witch should put an end to the fighting.

    Obyn Misrim
    The traitor Obyn Misrim currently occupying Tilverton. Obyn has surrounded himself with powerful bestial tribes and a personal army of mercenaries spearheaded by the Zhentarim company of The Obsidian Skulls.

    The Beastmaster
    A powerful bugbear responsible for breeding monstrous worgs. We know it to reside somewhere near Tilverton, prefering to hunt at night but having shown itself occasionally whilst the sun was up.

    The Strategist
    We have few sightings of this creature, but believe it to be some kind of goblinoid prefering to hide behind their minions. Due to it's strategies and battlefield tactics the crimson have had much greater difficulty pinning down any of the horde's main forces.

    -- Territory & Hideouts --

    Conquering Tilverton would deprive the horde of their main base of operations and earn us a staging point to eradicate the rest of their army.

    Banite Camp - Deserted
    The "Unbroken" campsite, heavily dug in located off the road to Eveningstar. These mercenaries have been patrolling our roads, keeping it clear of beasts and outlaws. It seems they've taken the law into their own hands and began to publicly punish and execute miscreants.

    They haven't caused much trouble yet, but their presence causes the people to lose trust in us. Furthermore we cannot say for how long they will remain neutral.

    The Breeding Pits - UNDISCOVERED
    We have sent several scouts to scour the plains near Tilverton but to no avail, the it's location remains obscured to us.

    Strategist's Den - UNDISCOVERED
    We currently have no information on the den's location.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    -- Soldiers & Mercenaries --

    Due to the efforts of the council we have the following forces at our disposal.

    Gerhalt's Freecompany

    We are sellswords from the Dalelands, veteran in the slaying of beast and monster. Trust us to make short work of the rabble like orc and goblin. But don't expect us to hold a siege for long, we might maintain a perimenter for a short while given the need. But we're not a professional army!

    ~ Captain Brackenbrook

    • 60 footmen
    • 20 archers
    • 20 cavalry

    Training: Average
    Equipment: Average
    Morale: Average

  • Storyteller [DM]

    OOC: These are battlefield objectives for the war with the White Horde. Completing them will have an impact on the course of the war.

    Any of these may be attempted with the appropriate DM and sufficient preperation. If there's any questions about this or you wish to an attack/event attempt feel free to PM me on discord.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    After the death or their leader and prompt exile of his killers the banite company has left the kingdom, escorted to the border by Crimson Guard.

  • Wild Walkers

    [a small, dirt elf is seen reading through these files carefully. She then leaves a number of questions to be hopefully answered, along a few notes]

    Breeding Pits - These would be the breeding grounds used to create the foul infernal worgs?

    Strategist - Does this one command goblinoid only or whatever the Horde has? We have not heard of this creature before. What is know? Where has its presence been felt?

    Horde Camps: Besides Tilverton and the one known camp within the Stonelands, has any other significant camp be located?

    Black Tribe: They have been defeated in their attempt to corrupt our Forest, and a leader was slain at the Heart of Rot in the Collinwood. Also, a raid was done on their supplies. Has camp been disbanded?

    It is more than time that a counter attack is seen to. We have been on a defensive long enough.

    A Redwoods offers to the Free Company an opportunity to train against the Horde within its borders. A Horde sends many scouting parties and we must cull them daily. This would be good preparation for a company for more advance tasks. As long as they can respect the Redwoods and its Balance, they will be most welcome. If it is they require to camp within a forest, perhaps the grounds of an old Misrim hunting lodge would do well. It is easier to defend and they can rebuild a ruin if needed.

    This would also allow us to expand our hunting ground for the Horde beyond our forest, to clear the Horde from the land.

    • Children of the Redwoods

  • Perhaps the breeding grounds are not near Tilverton, but an other location? Reports mention the worgs often in the East.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

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