Chaos Mist

  • Salnar searches through the Red Hart Library and the library of Rumtum's tower to find out what "Chaos Mist" is. He focuses entirely on books which discuss limbo and chaotic planes, presuming it is not native to Faerun.

  • _You find a copy of the Encyclopedia Magicka by Lombard the Sane. Many copies of the tome exist and among magical circles the tome is known to be completely and utterly useless, the tome is mainly used as a punishment for apprentices.

    Lombard the Sane, so called for his complete lack of sanity dedicated his life to spreading copies of his encyclopedia, however the contents are… controversial as Lombard's theories are well known to challenge orthodox magical lore. It is said that Lombard's quill got the better of him and he was slain by a powerful planar creature he angered. Copies of this tome do not lay calmly on the shelf and new entries, new pages, seem to appear from nowhere, perhaps Lombard continuing his work..._

    Chaos Foam

    "While those ivory mage tower intellectuals may tell you that Chaos Foam is the result of confluence lines intersecting in Limbo, there is simply no evidence! They are mistaking the effect for the cause! I have observed the TRUE source of Chaos Foam. My trusty Field Apprentice, Gretel and I were in the Penumbra of Limbo having finally tracked down one of the hidden Slaadi mating pools, where Slaadi females go to lay eggs. We hid invisibly watched as a pair of Slaadi entered the pool and performed the mating display. The ritual was very… complicated. The deed done, the Slaadi slumbered and I sent Gretel in to take a sample of the fertilized eggs. She cast a simple version of Bigby's Grasping Specimen Collector and tragedy occurred. The eggs glowed softly and then, they burst.

    Slaadi eggs are remarkable for a number of reasons. Of course it is well known that when ingested, they can rapidly consume the nutrients of the host and burst out of the victim in a rather messy display. Lesser known is that when Slaadi eggs are first laid, they are quite small and highly sensitive to the use of magic in close proximity, which may cause them to prematurely hatch in their early larval state.

    The slaadi eggs hatched in their millions and they were hungry. Poor Gretel was instantly consumed in a sea of blood and the poor Slaadi parents, shortly after. I high tailed it out of there, escaping with my life just intact.

    Chaos Mist is not mist at all, but more of a foam surrounding the slaadi eggs as they are layed. I returned later, in secret, and harvested it more carefully and found that..."

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