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  • Area name: All quests
    Issue Location: All quests
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    Server Version: 7094
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    Issue Description: Everything is just mushrooms and scrolls now.

  • This isn't very useful.

    It's definitely not all quests, because not all quests have mushrooms as potential loot in the loot table.
    There are far too many scrolls still in the loot tables though, I did remove a lot- but there were almost every spell in every chest before.

    But yep, the quests tend to use one single loot table for all chests that spawn, that means it could spawn some random stuff.

    It would be better to have specific chests that only spawn certain item types, then you could have some that spawn potentially really nice "misc" items (like charms with single use spells on them - but maybe you just get some mushrooms this time, random exists after all) and some chests that spawn only armour type/weapon type - which again, might spawn some fairly lame armour, but could spawn some really nice stuff.

    Random possibilities exist in DnD though. The entire game runs off a D20 so...

  • Yeah, i'm just not too sure what's going on @Zool as of the past like... two resets, I'm no longer seeing custom loot in stuff. Just a bajillion mushrooms and scrolls. For instance, I just ran ogres, and every single loot spot had 4 or so scrolls, maybe 1 healing wand, and 2-3 mushrooms each. something changed recently, because it hasn't been like this.

  • I've also noticed this, mostly just scrolls and mushrooms, or other crafting material, dropping on most 6-9s recently.

  • I am pretty sure I know what's going on, however, it'd be handy to give example quests.

    6-9's aint gonna help me find them 🙂 ideally, actual area names are best (I know, that's annoying as hell and your not gonna do that!) but quest names are good too.

    Nothing has changed recently though- not since the "first pass" to make it so quests didn't drop pretty much just wands and treasure maps. You're probly just getting some "bad" rolls from the same loot tables you've been experiencing since then.

    It's going to get worked on!

  • Admin [DM]

    @Zool lets focus on the areas listed below for a start, I can note that I have seen parties getting lots of loot/potions and no scrolls/mushrooms.

    ZQA: High Road: Ants Nest
    ZQA: High Road: Queen's Nest
    ZQA: Hillmarch: Ogres Cave

  • @Puffy Sounds good, nice to have a place to start.

    Once I'm done with my current project, I do plan to look into it. Hopefully we can get builders guilders on it too.

  • should be fixed v7106

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