Joining factions and progression

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    I was thinking that instead of having Major factions be app straight in, we have them there and function as a NPC sponsorship. There are several lesser/feeder factions that players can join and even advance in but for the few who really invest in their characters and involve the server in their plots significantly they can access something even better. That way the PCs who are in the major factions already are influential, established, with plots well underway.

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    Player factions remain as is.

    Lesser Factions

    • There either remain as is, a lone entity with limited presence or as part of a larger fabric of influence etc
    • They become the way for players to:
    1. Find others with similar concepts
    2. Posted goals for players to see to help with character development
    3. Open/sandbox feel to encourage creativity
    4. Limited DM support without being overwhelmed by Meta plots/Faction goals/Expectations
    5. Road map of how to get more involved and earn more stuff IG by doing things with other players.

    Major FactionsSpecial Positions

    • Instead of having these supposedly influential Major factions that should have tremendous support and perks for players immediately, we have them start in a less powerful faction, gain a reputation, pursue personal plots, make allies and then they can see where things go from there.
      * There were plenty of wizard groups, Player and Factions, over the years and then there was Kanthea's apprentice.
    • Factions are the ones that have all the goals, many that will tied in with Special Positions for players to pursue. Players find a faction to be part of and decide if they ever want to even pursue a special position.
    • We have the Rank 1 to avoid players having to write applications but that's a token time that usually involves either pissing players off or a DM just handwaving them into Rank 2.

    So a player character's life/IG experience would be

    1. Show up to the city, fresh faced and ready to start adventuring
    2. Become part of an easily joined lesser/minor faction or discover a player faction some others to start doing stuff and getting involved.
    3. Gain prestige, reputation, successes, fun, experience etc as personal plots and group plots are advanced
    4. Some will earn their way to a Special Position but the focus of the setting is on making the factions fun and rewarding.

    Just a thought to

    • Make it easier to get involved
    • Lower the reliance on Major Powerhouse NPCs/resources
    • Multiple options for players to pursue without the need for sweeping meta plots or crushing major faction agendas.
    • Open up the wage system to more players to encourage staying logged in and maybe getting others to log in so suddenly there is stuff happening IG.

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    I like this a lot.

    I think factions are great when you have 55/55 players. But with 15 players there needs to be more mobility (lateral and upward). If you start out at the top, there's nowhere to go.

  • Ok, my TL/DR of this is basically.

    We have just factions, there's no major or minor. these function essentially in the traditional way. Players join, the factions have goals etc. Players can get promoted in these factions.

    We have three Setting based organisations that cannot be joined by players in the traditional sense, but could offer "special positions"

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    Yes. Goals for each of these factions as well as lore fluff will need to be added and fleshed out.

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    Sounds great!

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    Could we have a player version write up for this? 🙂

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    @Puffy said in Joining factions and progression:

    Could we have a player version write up for this? 🙂

    Eventually/before we go live with the new factions/setting.

    Yeah. We’ll need one before we go live with new setting and faction. Really close to wrapping up the white witch and the organic changes to the factions

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