Tailoring healing kit's +1 crafting

  • I put enough stuff in the tailor table to make what I thought would be six healing kit +1 and ended up with 36 of them. Not sure if it is a bug and that the recipe makes multiples or not this is my first time using this crafting system. I have also trashed them all just to be on the safe side. Bug 1.png Bug 2.jpg Bug 3.jpg

  • Admin [DM]

    Most definitely a bug.

  • Admin [DM]

    I just tested it in game and got the correct number of kits for my ingredients.


    Tested with @Cpt_Elrad and got the correct outcome.

    Could not duplicate bug.

  • Only happens when crafting more then two at a time.
    Bug 4.png

  • Admin [DM]

    I just tested 4 times.
    1st test - enough for 1 kit, got 1 kit
    2nd test - enough for 2 kits, got 2 kits
    3rd test - enough for 3 kits, got 3 kits
    4th test - enough for 5 kits, got 5 kits

    No clue!

  • Maybe it just wants to mess with me 😞

  • Admin [DM]

    We'll keep testing. I'll get another player to try.

  • Admin [DM]

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • I put ingredients for 4 kits on the table and got 16 kits. Trashed the extra 12.


  • Admin [DM]

    fix attempted v6994

  • Some improvement...

    I put enough ingredients for 4 healing kits (same as last time).
    I got 4 healing kits in my inventory.
    But -
    The server thinks it gave me 8 and took away 1.


  • Admin [DM]

    Dumb question, why are some called Healer's Kit and some Healing Kit?

  • Admin [DM]

    Healer's Kits are NWN default. Healing Kits are CoA special.
    The issue is that OUR kits all have the same tag and deal out healing based on variables.
    And in the crafting scripts, they have to have different tags. So we use the NWN default tag and then our scripts replace those with our own Healing Kits.

        // take away old traps, give new traps, take old kits, give new kits
        if (GetIsPC(oPC) && !GetIsDM(oPC)) {
            if (GetStringLeft(sTag, 10) == "NW_IT_TRAP") {
                SetStolenFlag(oItem, TRUE);
            } else if (GetStringLowerCase(GetStringLeft(sTag, 12)) == "nw_it_medkit") {
                string sNew = "medkits";
                string sType = "sMEDKIT_TYPE";
                string sName = "Healing Kit +";
                int num = StringToInt(GetStringRight(sTag, 3));
                switch (num) {
                    case 1: sName += "1"; break;
                    case 2: sName += "3"; break;
                    case 3: sName += "6"; break;
                    case 4: sName += "10"; break;
                    default: sName += "1";
               /* int nStack = GetItemStackSize(oItem);
                int i = 0;*/
                object oTmp;
                //for (i = 0; i < nStack; i++) {
                    oTmp = CreateItemOnObject(sNew, oPC);
                    SetLocalString(oTmp, sType, "healkit");
                    SetName(oTmp, sName);

    So it gave her 4 Healer's Kits, then destroyed them and replaced them with Healing Kits.

    So the fix Deth & I put in worked! @Harlequin put ingredients for 4 kits and got 4 kits. (eventually)

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