The Slaying of the King

  • A foul day awaited Arabel. The chill in the air, the quiet of the animals. An empty stillness as a pervading feeling of terror and doom sunk into the city, for the Horde was coming. A few parties began their search with rumors of the orcan menace coming from below. Advance parties tore through the city and screams soon filled the fragile-seeming walls. Adventurers quickly dealt with it before the ambush could deal a heavy blow, and the sewers were sealed off under orders. Buildings barricaded, gates locked, the empty quiet was soon broken by the thunder and din of a marching army. The Crimsons bunkered down the Plaza, while adventurers defended the Historic District and the Clover Market. Yet the horde was far too numerous. First fell the Historic, bodies strewn and littering the ground, and Clover was not far behind, the forces forced back into the Plaza. Pushed back even further once the Whites had swarmed, the Adventurers, with Jastyne by their side, were trapped within the Palace. Under the encouragement of Lord Crimson… With her halberd in hand, and adventurers close behind, the charged back out, to reclaim their City. The brave group fought and fought, while the Palace fell, used as a distraction for the strike team to recover the city’s walls. It was successful, yet those inside the palace had been slaughtered. The group returned, cutting down swathes of orcs, goblins, and kobolds, only to find the Lord Crimson dead, the King slain, and Arabel throneless… With Lady Crimson in mourning, Arabel is filled with a lingering dread… for the Horde was still out there, with their White leader a constant threat.

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