Make Bark/blur/shield cheaper or increase gold payout

  • A single potion is worth more than an entire 4-9 level quest. Makes any kind of front lining terrible unless you're a werewolf or have DM loot with DR, especially with how much of a lack there is of AC gear/decent gear. Perhaps more just a temporary fix until things are more sorted.

  • Admin [DM]

    Currently the monsters are harder than they are meant to be, so we're adjusting all monsters. If you find a quest that has especially troublesome monsters, please report it here:

    Potions/gold are unlikely to change until the monsters have been edited

  • It is a lot of work to rework all of the monsters and will take a good amount of time. Tweaking basic prices or gold income is a quick easy bandaid fix until things are better balanced. And I find it less that enemy AB is too high, moreso there are just -too many- at once in large swarms, and AC is so low without those potions, yet to use them costs at least 3x the quest amount. Which means in its current state for anyone to Frontline they have to be in a faction for the better gear that exists nowhere else on the server and have the wage.

  • I just do not understamd how the conclusion can be reached that it is easier to make players suffer through what you claim is currently unbalanced, and refuse to put in a very quick bandaid in lowering potions prices, than it is to fix every single imbalance, making players play in a miserable environment in the meantime.

    The band aid is clearly needed while preparations are made to fix the rest.

  • It can seem as though martial classes are weak doing scripted quests but with really low HP, a lot of two handers can one shot a lot of players.

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