Looking for a wicked and CHEAP media center

  • Alright, so, i am looking for a Media Center. As in, something I can use to play all of my extremely legal movies.

    Normally I would simply use a normal extern harddrive, yet too often the sound and images arent in sync when it happens.

    I was told that you can buy these media centers, which can be plugged into the telly, and then you can tab in your extern harddrive into this little box, and it works like a charm. Even heard they can play subtitles and such.

    If any of you have an yidea what I am talking about, and have some knowledge on the subject, please enlighten me.

  • http://www.nextdaypc.com/main/products/ ... =ND0130014

    Alternatively, if you are going the legal route you can just get one of those cute apple tv shits to link with your massive and legal itunes media you've legally downloaded from the i-tunes store.

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