House Misrim door not unlocking with key

  • Precept Arcanum

    Area name: Arabel: House Misrim
    Issue Location: Room on 2nd floor of House Misrim
    Quest Name: N/A
    Store Name: N/A
    NPC Name: N/A
    NPC Location: N/A
    Server Version: 6943
    Screen Shot:
    Time: 11:31 pm PST

    Issue Description: I managed to enter the room, but when I tried to leave the door closed behind me and locked. The House Misrim key didn't work. I am currently trapped there, please send help.

  • Door was given Autolocking scripts, when I suspect the intent of the "author" was to just have the door kept closed.
    Corrected as of V6944. Please confirm.

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