Mold Dryad

  • A day in the life of a mold dryad.

    You wake up from your slumber in the mage guilds garden with your glowing green aura refreshed from the good nights sleep.

    After stretching and saying your moldy morning prayers, you decide to take a walk around the tower.

    The mossy carpet that blesses your barefeet with its softness gathers some attention. Of course you must say hello.

    Then it is time to wander outside for a bit, sharing the mossy blessing with the people.

    Cilwa actually had an awesome story she told for why and what happened. I enjoyed that RP with her.

    On a slightly related note, the guild has a new tree for the moment and Fyananamoac aided by adding a hanse as well. We were all very in tune with nature this day.

  • Corvid Consortium

    It wasnt Fyananamoac! It was Cilwa, she did it! 😃

  • Whoa! Theres me! I'm in a screen shot! claps madly

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