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  • So.

    I'm interested in trying out an… Adventure game of sorts, here in the forums. I have no idea if it works, if I have the time and energy to run it through, nor if it will work out with multiple players (I'm thinking about three).

    The game in question is a sort of written adventure. You have certain (customizeable) stats, and I roll dice for you for your actions. Each... Scene of sorts has a set amount of actions one can do. I will give out points of interest so you know what you could do. You can also improvise, in which case I either improvise the result, or pick (or randomize) a result for you from the actual (original) options provided.

    Since this adventure isn't freeform, yet some situations have multiple options, I enforce a few rules: If majority of players decide to go way X, or do Y, then the rest will do so as well - Unless the two options aren't mutually exclusive. This is called "conflict of party" - no action will ever split the party, unless they would be immediatly (or soon enough) joined back together.


    You enter the kitchen through a door. Aside from a selection of bottles on the table, containing liquids of different colours, there is little of interest to be seen.
    The liquids are coloured as follows: Yellow, black, red, and blue. You could also go back the way you came.

    If two of the players decide to go back the way they came and one wants to drink from the blue bottle, the result will depend on what the blue potion does. If it boosts your stats, sure, no conflict of party, you get the bonus and then you continue out with the group. If it kills you - no conflict of the party, you die, and the rest continue. If it teleports you to another dimension - The party is in conflict, since it would be split. In such case, I would rule that the two others drag you out, and you didn't have time to drink the potion - Or, tell you that there was no effect.

    Now, I didn't provide you an option (since there wasn't one) to search the cupboards for a kitchen knife to be used as a weapon, but if one of you would have improvised and told me they wanted to search for such (or just search the room), I might, or might not provide them with a weapon. After which they follow the rest of the party.

    There are four stats: Skill (with weapons, that is), Stamina (Health, effectively), luck (more on luck later), and Sanity. Each stat begins at 7. You have 10 points to distribute between the stats. After this is done, stamina is doubled. No more than 5 points can be added to any single stat in the beginning.
    Skill (with weapons): Determines (along with a roll of 2d6 vs a set number or another creatures skill + 2d6) wether or not you take damage in combat. Might determine other things as well.
    Stamina Is reduced by stuff hurting you, generally. A rather generic attack deals 2 points of damage.
    Luck Is _Tested every now and then to find out if you are lucky, or not. Whenever your luck needs to be tested, I roll 2d6. If the result is equal, or less than your luck, then you were lucky. Whenever your luck is tested For any reason, you loose a point of luck. You can also choose to Try to be lucky When in combat, or when attempting to escape from combat. If you are lucky -and- deal damage, you deal double damage (that is, 4 damage usually). If you aren't, you deal only half the damage (that is, 1 damage). If you were damaged, and are lucky, you only take half damage (1, usually) - if you weren't, you'll take half damage extra (note! Not double, just half. Ie, usually 3 damage). Escaping deals (usually) 2 damage, which is increased or decreased appropriately as detailed. Trying to be lucky = testing your luck = reduces your luck by 1 (after the roll). You can also tell me that you want to test your luck with a certain action (say, the bottle example before). I'll improvise, and if luck has no share or no use in the situation, I won't reduce your luck.
    Sanity Unlike other stats, Sanity score starts at 0. When you experience weird or horrible things, points are added to your sanity score. When your sanity score reaches the stat you gave yourself in the beginning, you loose your sanity… That will be the end of your adventure.

    The theme -should- be something akin to modern horror, with the players arriving to a mansion in the middle of nowhere in the middle of night. This... Will be hard, and you most likely won't survive. I might take more players as the first ones die or drop out, but I can't guarantee that I will. You might die for picking a wrong door, touching the wrong wall, picking up the wrong coin, or just about anything. Think of this as Tomb of Horrors, if you must, and prepare mentally for it.

    Now... any willing participants for this little test? I think I'll take first three volunteers._

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