• To all the DM's involved in the recent upgrades to the modules - Thank you, very, very much!

    I am stoked, and no this is no cheap bid to garner favor, just an honest show of appreciation for some folks who do this completely out of the kindness of their hearts and keeping the module hak free! Prett darn impressive. 😃


  • Yeah, cheers!!! 😃

  • I am Purple_Diamond, and I approve this message. Nod nod

  • Great job guys, keep it up

  • I'm not even playing, and I think the server is heading in the right direction.


    (I dunno why it took so long to make Mr. Bacon DM, i said that like months ago)

  • the dms are doing a great job and i have been having loads of fun being involved in or simply watching events unfold with other players as they develop that ale king fellow too (though my characters may not wish to get closer that 15 feet to him)

    ..also i found a new player last night..forgot to note his name as a player, but he is enthused about arabel, showed him a few things, but through mere exploration he learned a lot, his characters name is Cosmo (darn me and my bad memory, i should have noted the player name and the characters second name) and he is a dwarf bard, and is a experienced rper who actually i picked up a couple pointers by watching

    B-Rock..not playing right now? what if someone who really wants to rez' kinko when they get the gold collected?

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