Silk Worms

  • [Sarasha enters the library quietly and looks around before giving up and tapping the librarian on the shoulder.]

    S- Sir? I um… I am needing to learn about silk worms.

    How do they grow? What is needed to keep them alive and healthy?

    [she shows him her hand]

    Will they find a new home after a certain age and begin producing silk?

    [She offers coin if he wishes it and waits quietly for any aid he may be able to give her.]

  • The librarian wanders off for a moment into the depths of the library seeking out a tome or two. After some time he returns and starts expounding to Sarasha in a dry dusty voice.

    Normal Silkworks are known to feed off the Morus Plant. Morus is a genus of the flowering plants in the family Moraceae. There are a number of know species of deciduous trees that are members of this family. The most successful breeding of Silkworms has been on the bush, Morus Rubra, or Red Mulberry.

    There is a species, Morus palus that you might find is more approriate for your needs. It is believed to grow in dark, damp places such as caves in swampy or costal areas.

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